Watch your doctor’s face turn to shock when he checks your testosterone levels at your next visit.

Yes, you can naturally raise testosterone without clinics. This can double or even TRIPLE your testosterone.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am finding that Matt’s Testosterone Rewind program has given me a new life, great hardons, newly found confidence in bed and testosterone levels almost in the 4 digits. I grabbed my wife and took her right there in the kitchen and we were both grinning ear to ear when it was over. She gasped, what got into YOU?

“I feel like I’m a winner for the first time in my life!

So my question is, is there anything I need to do to maintain this amazing testosterone-fueled life I’m leading?”

You are like many winning men overwhelmed with the sudden improvements in their life…as they notice girls or wives gasping with pleasure in bed.

With the constantly rising testosterone levels, you will feel authoritative, powerful and confident as you swagger around.

Don’t stop using Testosterone Rewind though!

You’ll love that feeling of rigid erections that will get stronger and better and longer.

I noticed an immediate change in my attitude! I got cheery and started doing things I hate to do, like cleaning the toilet!

Now, at 54 years of age I can say that my testosterone level has gone down quite a bit and I have been very depressed after being dumped by my 30 year old hottie two months ago.

So all of a sudden this stuff catapults me out of a depressed state and has me excited about a walk about the local mall tonight to see what transpires!

I think it works on us guys in a way that actually causes us to produce testosterone! This would be a God Send for all the guys on those stupid, ineffective testosterone creams!

Thanks for turning me onto this stuff, it may actually be the best for what ails us men!


Question: A buddy sent me a link to this page and said it’s doubled his testosterone and made his erections stand whenever he’s in bed. So tell me this, how fast can I get my hands on Testosterone Rewind?

You get access INSTANTLY, you can be going through all the juicy secrets of raising testosterone and getting rigid ones down there this very minute.

You watch the videos on your iphone or you Android, or your tablet or PC.

And you can listen anywhere you are and you can sit and enjoy reading the course if you love reading.

That’s all there is to it — it’s so much better than the old days when you had to wait, then you got some dorky big old videos you had to put into the machine, and rewind when you’re done and all that. Remember those days?

You’re just a button-push away from amazing erections and incredible, passionate sex.

Hello Matt, I have solved my problem…

WOW, I got an instant erection.

I thought this was silly, when I first heard of it, however, I will doing this every other day for at least the next year.

P.S. I have been taking all of your recommended supplements.

I went to my Urologist last Tuesday, he said that my retained urine (after I empty my bladder) was the lowest, it had ever been.

The results of his blood test, where my Testosterone was increased from 300 to 900, and my PSA was .47.

Matt you have saved me from getting the “tube in Dr willie” operation.

Thanks, is not enough.

"Earl" from Houston

Question: I was so blown away, so glad I didn’t blow this off. I was a softie down there but no more. Now I can please my wife anytime, even when I get home from work all tired and drowsy. Hard to imagine, but can it get any BETTER than this, Matt?

You are amazing! Congrats for following the simple steps in the program.

As you’ve seen, for guys who have been flat down there for some time, it can take a little bit of time but YES, it will get better, and better, and better!

As you know, improvements in erections appear immediately after testosterone rises.

And lots of guys report morning wood when they wake up and pressure in their underwear when they see a pretty girl…they start feeling confident sexually again.

And many men report that they have no more problems with getting hard and staying hard after a few weeks.

And the sooner you begin Testosterone Rewind, the sooner you’ll be one of Matt’s 121,262 men enjoying the sex and virility of a young man.

Matt, Thanks again for putting this information out there.

I am NOT taking the shots anymore. I am slowly reaching my goal(s) through natural means. My testosterone has gone up and my estrogen has gone down.

My weight has begun to come down as well. The walking and lifting weights, as well as not eating processed foods, has brought my weight down to 349 lbs. (in just 5 months) from 419 lbs.

I can’t remember when I started not having morning erections but, it seems like I was in my mid-twenties and I have begun to have morning erections again.

…keep up the good work.


Question: I’m all in. I’m burning to get this, but I need to be assured that my personal information is safe and secure with you. And what will show up on my card statement?

I’m proud that we’re established in 1996, 21 solid years in business proudly serving men worldwide in over 73 countries.

I swore an oath to keep any information I have safe.

And that’s why we rely on world class providers who use the same security as

We offer a total full money back guarantee and it’s always 100% word of honor with you and we always keep our pledge. Always.

So yeah, you can trust our guarantee totally and completely.

We’re family owned, and you are a brother to us. So as a fellow brother, just tell us how we can help you, any time, for any reason.

And 7 days a week, 18 hours a day, you can get help with anything you need from my devoted, friendly and caring customer happiness team.

Email us at [email protected] or call at 877-691-3328 and tell us “great job brother” or “can you please help me, here’s what I need” or “here’s my testimony so you can spread the word to other brothers” or anything else,

…and we’ll get right to helping you and you’ll be completely and totally satisfied.

Just wanted to drop you a note and give you some feedback on your course.

You know like most middle aged men ED was a serious problem, one you don’t discuss with people. I have tried the pills, shots, and pumps and they work but nothing is as good as when things are working the way they should naturally.

I have been on Testosterone replacement treatment for 5 years.

I am taking medication for diabetes too, which makes the problem even worse.

So I decided to try your course. It was priced right and risk free so I tried it.

It worked!! I couldn’t believe it.

It has been about 6 weeks and I am as good new!!

Who would ever think that the course would bring things back! After years of suffering with this problem, I would have never believed it could be so easy to fix!!



Question: First of all, I totally love this. My erections are more engorged, I’m totally loving everything about the new me in bed. And the day I got my lab results back and saw the new Testosterone levels was probably the best day in my life! I’ve got a buddy who I think should try it out, though he complains he has a short attention span. What should I tell him?

Tell your buddy this: “You’ll love these videos, they’re amazing. Just click and watch the first one, you will love it. You’re hooked. It’ll rock your world.”

“Listen to it while you’re driving home from work. You just sit down, click on the first video and watch. You’ll enjoy watching and knowing what to do next.”

Most guys binge-watch the entire Testosterone Rewind in one sitting because it’s so compelling and the transformation is so sudden.

Imagine, if you would watch a short video, do the simple change and wake up the next morning with a raging boner that raises the sheets like a tent. You would want to watch another video, right?

He can work through them at his own pace and he gets instant access just like you did to ALL the material in Testosterone Rewind.

Dear Matt,

I have applied all your nutrition and diet techniques and my testosterone is 1240 and I am off of my diabetes medicine as well as my blood pressure medication.

I get so hard now I can’t even believe it and I can last forever.

All my wife has to do is simply roll over and touch my leg and I have a diamond cutter.

Me and my wife want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because of our help we have our fantastic love life again.

So thank you for all of your help your courses are everything you say they are and more. I would recommend your courses to anyone who is experiencing problems in the bedroom.

Your courses are nothing short of miraculous.

Thank you for everything.