Boost your confidence intantly with this bite-size snack.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Question #1: “I'm sick, I'm fat, my T levels are like zero. Will your system really work for me?”

When I started this, I wanted to feel my sex drive again.

I wanted my penis to work.

I wanted to have that confident feeling, and I wanted muscles and to see my flab disappear.

And I got that, I got all of that.

So it worked for me. It worked for a lot of guys.

I'm not going to say it will work for every man in the world.

But if you work the system even a little bit, I'm 100% positive you love Booster Bites, you will love my Testosterone Protocol.

Question #2: “How fast can I get access to your system?”

Today everything is instant this and instant that.

We're no different here at the publishing company here.

In the old days, we'd put tapes together and package them and mail them.

But now we do it a different way. We don't ship.

You watch the videos or listen to audios, or you can download the material, immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you have a smart phone, or your computer, or a tablet like an iPad. It will work on any device.

And you get to watch the videos forever. They're always there for you.

Nothing to lose, nothing to get jammed up in a DVD machine.

One great thing is you can watch or listen anywhere, anytime. You can listen when you’re walking the dog, at the gym, or commuting or work. Or you can watch the videos.

Question #3: “I've got these health problems... I'm taking these pills for blood pressure and pills for this and pills for that, will this work for me?”

A lot of our guys who go through my system have medications they're taking for something or other.

Does this mean you're doomed to bargain basement T levels just because you need pills for something?

Not at all.

In my course, I’ll show you how to get tests done with your doctor right alongside.

This stuff is all scientifically based and your doctor will be able to work with you to fix things up.

You’ll be able to watch your metabolism improve and watch as you get better. Then your doctor will say, “stop taking these pills, you don’t need them anymore.”

Lots of guys get this right and their blood pressure drops like a stone.

They start getting great erections.

And they get thinner and bulk up muscle without setting a foot in the gym.

Question #4: “Can I trust your total money back guarantee?”

FThe publishing company I work with, Calworth Glenford, was founded in 1996.

They offer a full, no-questions 60-day money-back guarantee, and it's always 100% with you and never violated, ever.

Not even once.

So yeah, you can trust this guarantee totally and completely.

We also have this amazing support team always there to help you.

You can email us at [email protected] and you'll get fast help with any issues you may have, including a refund.

We also man the phones, so you can talk to a live person who will gladly help you out. You can call us 24 hours, 7 days a week.

And here's the thing... I’m taking all the risk here.

You could if you were a not nice person, just order and download and watch everything and then get your money back.

And you’d get your full refund, no questions asked.

But I hope you're not that kind of person and I don't think you are.

Either way, we’re taking all the risk, and that makes this a no brainer, don't you think?

Question #5: “How fast will I get results?”

You can get some results real quick, like overnight.

Other results may take a few weeks or months.

You’ll be setting yourself up for great success from the get-go.

That means that tonight, this very night, you can have some success raising your T levels and being more of a man with your girl.

And later on, things will work even better…you'll become thinner and healthier and you'll leave all these problems totally behind and become a massive total stallion.

My system often fixes the underlying metabolic problem for most guys.

This naturally takes time.

But luckily you’ve got those Booster Bites that can work right away... so you'll also get some quick results in the meantime, so you'll stay with it.

And like everything else, staying with it is the whole enchilada.

It works, but you gotta work it.

Question #6: “Is my credit card information safe? Are there hidden charges that you aren't telling me about?”

When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi million dollar server system of the same type the big banks use.

It is the same type of system that Amazon uses.

Your order is filled by Calworth Glenford, my publisher, and Calworth Glenford uses 256 bit encryption.

Your card is much safer than it is if you plunk it down at a restaurant or department store because no employee ever looks at the card number.

Calworth Glenford has been in business since 1996, and we’re family owned and not some fly by night.

We’ve had tens of thousands of customers and never, not once, has anything ever been messed up with our security.

We have our full reputation on the line and we’re not here to take advantage of people or rip them off or end up in the newspapers.

And everything is spelled out in plain language.

There are no fine print charges or anything greyed out to trick you.

I hate that and would never allow that…

We’re also very proud of our perfect record with the Better Business Bureau.

So those are the most commonly asked questions about my Testosterone Protocol, and my Booster Bites, my secret strategy to get your Testosterone levels up, get rid of flab and fix penis problems forever.

I hope your question was answered.

Honestly, at this point, you can either sit on the sidelines and miss all the opportunities out there to connect and have your health back and have glorious sex…

...or you can jump into the water by simply trying out the Testosterone Protocol -- and you get Booster Bites with it! Just click the button.