These 237 Men Are All Over 100 Years Old...Here's the Weird Health "Trick" They All Have in Common

I've been all over the world -- 12 countries, 3 continents, hundreds and thousands of miles...

Outside the U.S. in these third world countries, I often see very old men acting decades younger...

But in the U.S., I see younger men talking about their diabetes to supermarket employees and riding scooters just to get around.

And I have a special reason for really caring about "How can you live to be very old, and stay young?"

You see, my mother is 89 years old, wheelchair confined in a nursing home...

Mom spends her days looking out the window watching the kids playing stickball out on the sidewalk.

So what makes mom and other people in the US confined to nursing homes and wheelchairs...

...while people in other countries are active and spry, even when they are 100 years old or older?

What is the secret of these very old people in other countries?

And during one of my visits to see my mother, she's holding my hand, telling me that she's feeling great and that she's being taken care of...

...and there's no need for me to visit her so often, because I have to fly across the country just for a visit...

...I can't remember the last time my mom asked for help, she always says that "everything is fine".

Knowing that, I lift the sheets off the bed she's lying on, and I see that her legs are covered in sores...weeping sores, with pus flowing out of them...

...and my heart just sinks down to my heels.

It can't go on like this...

My mom spent her life raising the four of us and she deserves a few good years to enjoy herself, not in a nursing home.

So I start looking for something that could give mom the energy to recover and get out of that nursing home, so she can walk out and have a much better life, even if it's just walking around her neighborhood.

I know it's going to be an uphill battle, so I start reading about people who are as full of energy like I want my mother to be...

...and I come across articles from Russia of all places.

You see, Russian people don't live as long because of poverty and alcoholism.

People live an average of 72 compared to 78 in the United States.

But on the other hand, there are some special Russians who live a VERY long time, until they're over 100 years old, and they are active, they work, they travel...

In fact, if you read about Russia, you can't help but read about Josef Stalin, the communist dictator, and what is known in some circles as Stalin's Strange Obsession.

Because you see, the Soviet leader Stalin was obsessed with living a long life.

And I'm sure you remember the old guys in the Soviet Politburo? They all wanted to pour funding into research on extending their lifespan.

So they poured money into research on how to live longer.

Later, Soviet leaders Khrushchev and Brezhnev shared the same obsession. They all poured money into science studies on living longer...

...and here's a difference between the Soviet research and Western research...

In the West, research all goes into new drugs.

Our Western research is about money and drug profits.

In the Soviet Union, it was about long life and extending life.

But because of high tensions between the U.S. and Russia, all that priceless research is unavailable to doctors and scientists in the west.

And there are probably TONS of research papers and studies about longevity hidden away in the Russian archives... those papers essentially don't exist outside of Russia.

All over Russia, if you know where to look, generally near major universities, you can meet men who are 90 or 100 years old, but who look 50 or 60.

Luckily, I can speak a bit of Russian and I know that I am going to have to go to Russia, visit some of these older guys, and maybe even see the original research.

So I'm in Russia...and I came across something so astounding, that it will forever change my life and I'm thinking change my mother's life.

I get this introduction to an unusual group of older men, and I meet them in a bar...

...they're smoking cigarettes without filters and drinking shots of vodka...

One of the men has a long grey-beard and he's closest to our table. I ask him how old he is.

He looks surprised, then another of his friends translates for him.

Greybeard takes out his wallet and hands me his driver's license.

I can read a little bit of Russian, just enough to get by, and I see he was born in 1932... this Greybeard guy is 87 years old!

Then the Greybeard flexes his biceps and stands up, he lifts up one of his drinking buddies on his arms like a groom about to carry his wife and I start laughing...

...but then Greybeard starts doing squats while still holding his drinking buddy... 5 squats, 10 squats, 15 squats!

And then they all sit down for another shot of Vodka.

I'm sitting at the edge of my seat, amazed at these old men acting like they're 25 years old.

So in a mixture of broken Russian and mostly English, I find out that each of these men are in their mid 80s, and one (even younger looking) is 91.

And let me remind you, these men are drinking straight vodka and they're taking bites of dark rye bread between every shot.

I don't drink, but these men are inviting me to at least taste this dark rye bread with a slice of smoked pork belly.

These men are trying to tell me something about their drinking ceremony, but I just can't understand... the Greybeard man gives me a small piece of paper with two words written on it:

"быстрый метаболизм"

It's getting dark so I just glance at the small, hard to read scribble and fold up the piece of paper and stick it in my wallet...

...and I head home to the cold Communist-era apartment where I'm staying -- lodging that the Russians call "Khrushchyovka".

So I'm sitting in this cold, damp place with my head in my hands, thinking, about these old Russian men...

...who are doing something that's totally CONTRARY to today's medical advice.

Remember -- my mother is back home, she's barely the age of these vodka-drinking men, and she's immobile, unable to walk or feed most people her age.

Maybe what these men are doing will help my mother back home?

So I leave Russia in search of more of these phenomenal, active and healthy old men...

And I hear rumors and I find some obscure posts on the internet about similar men all over the world.

And in the next two years I'm visiting Japan, Peru, Italy, Norway, and Myanmar to meet similar men to the ones I met in Russia.

I'm writing down what all these men eat, what their daily routines are, where they work and even how often they have sex with their wives!

They all just shrug their shoulders, because it all seems natural to them, they have no idea that people their age are barely walking in the U.S.

So after a few years, I collect a whole spreadsheet of information about these men.

It all seemed random. It seemed like there wasn't any ONE thing that these long-living, sex-having men did differently from you and me...

I mean, these men are not vegetarians. They regularly eat meat, even pork.

They are not physical fitness nuts.

NONE of them work out, and NONE of them do purposeful physical exercise.

They are often smokers.

And they often have sex with much younger women on a daily basis!

Some of these old men have sex every single day.

Then I found something that made shivers run down my spine...

As I was going over my endless notes and studies and research papers, I noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of my wallet on the table...

I slowly pull that paper out, it's all stained, but I immediately remember where it's from...'s that note that the Russian Greybeard gave me, you know, the one that said "быстрый метаболизм"

So I type the letters into Google...

быстрый метаболизм → Fast metabolism

Was this the ONE thing that all these men have in common?

Was a fast metabolism the answer that will save my mother from a life spent in nursing homes?

You see, I had overlooked one crucial element in the lives of all these old men...

...and they were trying to tell me about this all along!

Fast metabolism.

It's my "eureka!" moment.

All of these men share a metabolic secret...

And I'm going to share it with you right now.

This metabolic secret allows older men, men in their 90s and 100s, to experience life exactly like it was when they were teenagers.

And you'll discover how a particular biological phenomenon lets you live 30 or 40 years longer...

...with sexual performance that you had in your teens and 20s.

And every scientist agrees, restoring your metabolism to youthful levels is the true fountain of youth.

This chart shows how your metabolism slows down as you get older: It shows how metabolism, called BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, falls as we age.

Harvard University's Dr. David Sinclair says, "We're finding that aging isn't the irreversible affliction that we thought it was," he says.

"Some of us could live to 150."

And Penn State University calls this discovery perfect for people who are overweight because they can "continue to eat and just waste the energy and be thin," instead of storing the food and being fat.

Dr. Wang, professor at the prestigious Guangzhou University, found that the method I am showing you right now increases health and lengthens life.

Dr. Wang says that this discovery even preserves your DNA which can stop cancer in its tracks.

So in this presentation for the first time ever, I'm blowing the lid off a way to restore your metabolism that is so momentous that every major drug company is spending billions of dollars in a race to take advantage of this discovery...

This discovery lets any man gain the metabolism of a teenager, and do it in days, totally safely, without costly drugs of any kind, without gym exercise, and without crazy diets.

This discovery literally rolls back the clock on your body, making your body at age 40 the same as it was at age 20 or even younger.

And you can restore your youthful metabolism right now, I'll show you exactly how in a moment.
Because the drug companies are spending billions on expensive new drugs, they are exerting huge pressure to take this video down...

So please watch right now rather than expecting it to be up next time you visit this URL.

Because it may well have disappeared by the time you come back.

As I said, my name is Matt Cook and I'm a health researcher with almost 40,000 subscribers to my daily subscription newsletter.

I've helped over 21,262 men cure major health problems, and I've even been interviewed by ABC news.

Look, I'm no different than you.

Quick background: I've been married almost 30 years to the same amazing woman, I have two great kids and a dog, and I believe in the Golden Rule.

The only difference between you and me is, as my core job, I spend hours and hours every day reading medical and health studies, interviewing doctors and researchers, and connecting the dots.
Frankly if you had the time I have, you could do all the research I do, but you probably have a busy life as it is.

And you don't have the time or inclination to read the over 4,227 medical studies I read over the past year.

And what I found out, is you can restore your metabolism to what it was when you were a teen-ager, and have immense sexual, physical and cognitive powers.

Since I restored my metabolism my life has utterly changed. It's only fair that I tell you what restoring my metabolism has done in my life.

The immediate effect is been a skyrocketing of my sex drive and my sexual performance.

It's nothing to do with me, I'm nothing special, it's all due to restoring my metabolism.

So as a result, my wife is now more receptive to my advances as restoring my metabolism has given me the ability to last 30 minutes or an hour in congress with her, finally satisfying her, thanks to this discovery.

When I used to come, I'd roll over and go to sleep and feel tired and spent.

But now rather than going soft immediately after coming, I remain hard to me and my wife's complete surprise.

And I am ready to continue with intercourse.

I'm not trying anything particularly special, it's that this discovery has rolled back the clock on my youth hormones including testosterone.

I now wake up with strong morning erections and all day I experience semi erections at any sexual thoughts.

Which hasn't happened since I was a teenager.

How about my energy levels?

I used to feel really tired and drained after lunch.

I would be kind of useless after about 1PM, and I'd have to take a nap.

Now however, I no longer feel like napping in the afternoon like an old man.

My energy remains the same all day through the night until I fall asleep.

And my sleep quality?

I used to sleep 7 or eight hours, and wake up feeling tired and groggy.

Now, I sleep for 5 or 6 hours uninterrupted and wake up fully refreshed.

I open my eyes alert and happy to take on the day even if I miss out on my morning coffee.

Just as a result of my needing less sleep, I've gained a delightful extra 2 or 3 hours of quality time to spend reading, watching TV, or focusing on my hobbies.

So now you have an idea of how my life has completely changed as a result of restoring my metabolism.

It's important to understand how it works, and how I stumbled on this discovery.

I want to emphasize once again that I didn't actually discover anything.

This is all laid out in technical jargon and scientific journals.

The major drug companies are spending billions of dollars on restoring metabolism through patented drugs they are feverishly working to develop.

For example, Rutgers University's brilliant medical school professor Victor Shengkan says of this discovery, it is an "effective burning away of extra calories, which is a best solution of obesity and type 2 diabetes."

Dr. Shengkan says that this discovery fights cancer too, which I'll tell you about in a moment.

And the prestigious British Medical Journal states that this discovery works because it raises metabolic rates 30% to 70%, and "people with high metabolic rates "burn off' more food into heat."

Professor Patrick Sullivan of the University of Kentucky medical school expects that this discovery "will significantly alter metabolism."

And these studies demonstrate more than an astonishing way to burn fat while eating as much as you want including steak, ice cream, and pizza.

As you can see, medical school professors and researchers are more excited about this discovery than they are about any other health breakthrough.

And that's why I personally am using the discovery of restoring metabolism to live healthier, longer and have a better sex life, and you can too.

You can reclaim sexual powers that you haven't had since you are a young man.

And you can throw away your pills with your doctor's consent because when you go to the doctor, he's going to tell you, "I don't know what you've been doing, but keep doing it.

Stop taking the pills. You don't need them anymore."

To get there, I want you to go with me on a very quick trip down memory lane.

I'll use my own youth as an example...

As a kid, I could drink soft drinks, eat macaroni and cheese, ice cream and unlimited pizza and and never gain a single ounce.

I actually was thin as a rail as a kid, even though I never watched what I ate, and never counted calories or gave it a single thought.

When I reached puberty, my sex drive kicked in extremely powerfully.

This is very embarrassing to admit, but I would masturbate sometimes five or more times a day.

I remember my record at age 15 was 16 times in a single day.

I just could not get enough to satisfy my enormous sex drive...

Then I entered my mid-twenties and everything began to change.

I found it harder and harder to lose fat and I worked out in the gym, but found it was much harder to build muscle.

And my erections -- oh my gosh, but they were becoming weaker, my sex drive had plummeted, and I lost that feeling of motivation and sexually fueled energy I had always counted on.

Still, even then, if I wanted to lose weight I could still skip meals, eat less, and eventually I would lose weight.

But in a few more years, losing weight became impossible.

Now no matter how little I ate, it seemed I'd gain weight around my belly and chest area.

Now it's obvious what had happened -- my metabolism had slowed down.

What I learned is that each time I dieted or went on a low-carb regimen, I was actually slowing my metabolism down even further.

I now know the more you diet, the slower your metabolism.

And as your metabolism slows down, it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight.

And here's how a slower metabolism affects our sex performance.

As a man, your body stops pouring resources into reproduction.
Your sex drive falls, your performance falls, erections become soft and stop lasting nearly as long.
Sex becomes less and less pleasurable. And it is all due to a falling metabolism.
That's what was happening to me.

I didn't know about this metabolic problem at the time.
So I had lab tests and this time, the test came back and my doctor told me, "you should go on cholesterol medication."
He said all of his patients my age are going through the same thing.
"Go to a swimming pool or the beach, and look around you. All the guys have pot bellies, they're all suffering from the same problem," my doctor told me.
"It's just what happens as you get older."

I started taking more and more medications as time went by. But something felt very wrong.

Here was my concern...

I would start taking the cholesterol drug and soon I'd need another drug...

I saw so many men who are taking drugs for GERD, drugs for high blood pressure, drugs for erectile dysfunction, drugs for heart disease, drugs to lower cholesterol.

A man may be on 10 or 12 different medications at this point, and he is not even that old. The doctors call this polypharmacy, and it's supposed to be a good thing to prescribe all these pills.

The problem is, first of all, these drugs all have very serious and dangerous side effects.

The drugs are never tested more than a year or two before they are released on the market.

So the men taking the drugs are the guinea pigs.

And oftentimes after 10 or 15 years, the drug companies suddenly discover that the drug is killing men, and they take the drug off the market, but you've already been taking it for 10 or 15 years.

This happens with more drugs than you can imagine.

It already is happening with many common drugs and men are taking for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

The last step before being banned are the "Black Box Warnings."

Drugs like Actos, Avandia, Abilify, Janumet, Victoza, just to name a few, are now identified as having very serious, even life threatening side effects and are on the way out.

Secondly, all these drugs actually can make diseases worse.

For example, the most common blood pressure medications cause erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual drive, loss of libido.

Men taking these blood pressure medications do not feel like having sex as much as they used to.

And their penises stop getting erect as easily, and eventually these men get very serious and even permanent erectile dysfunction.

And men taking the most common diabetes medication Metformin may experience numbness in their toes and in their fingers.

They're told that the numbness is a complication of diabetes, but the drug companies already recognize that metformin can actually cause diabetic neuropathy -- they blame the neuropathy on the diabetes, when it's really caused by metformin.

Because of all these drugs and the medical rathole, many men by this time will find that they've had prostate surgery, so they no longer have a prostate, or their prostate is torn up by radiation or radioactive seeds or tiny knives or lasers that have torn apart their prostate.

These men may have already had stents installed in their arteries, and they may have to keep coming back because the stents attract blood clots, requiring still more medications or replacement stents.

The medical rathole will lead to cartilage disintegrating throughout their body.

The only reason that so many men need hip replacements now, is because of all the nasty drugs they're taking that raise the stress hormone, cortisol.

All that cortisol breaks down their tissue and breaks down the cartilage, so they can't renew their cells and now they need a hip replacement or a new knee or shoulder surgery.

High cortisol results in low testosterone in a man's body, and that causes poor erections, low libido, and difficulty having sex.

This is the medical rathole. And this is where men are disappearing more and more, into the medical rathole, never to come out.

So now the man finds that he cannot have sex anymore.

And his doctor tells him if he asks, "That's just normal, you're getting older." So he writes off sex.

But the man in question is still relatively young.

And, thanks to the greedy drug companies, and the brainwashed doctors, even diabetes medication alone is a $30 billion a year industry in the United States.

They have so much incentive to just get you taking more and more and more drugs.

And if you add up all of the so-called treatments, all the surgeries, all of the drugs and the medical rathole, you got hundreds of billions of dollars for the greedy drug companies.

And much worse, you get the tragedy as more and more men are disappearing down the medical rathole, seldom ever come out.

So sex is gone, and now what does that leave? A life without sex.

It leaves playing with the grandkids hopefully.

But I saw guys who needed walkers, guys who couldn't bend down, guys debilitated with diabetes, experiencing heart palpitations, and not much good even with their grandchildren.

I thought, I don't want to end up like that.

And these limitations happen sooner than most men think.

I was still in my 30s or 40s when I saw this happening. I was soon on five different medications.

I could see the end game was that I'd end up on a dozen dangerous drugs, with a horrible life, in and out of doctor's offices, fat, unhealthy and not even capable of a decent erection.

So that's when I rearranged my work and became a full time medical researcher in order to figure out how to avoid ending up like so many of these men, over the hill at a relatively young age.

Here's where I made a discovery by connecting those dots poring over thousands of medical studies.

Thousands of studies bear out that if you can restore your metabolic rate, you can roll back the clock, delay aging, enhance your sexual powers, and become virtually disease free.

Just as you probably were when you were very young.

So I set about figuring out how I could restore my metabolic rate.

And this is when after months and months of research, I stumbled on an out-of-print book by a renegade physician.

Years ago there was a little-known doctor in Colorado, named Dr. Barnes.

You probably have not heard of Dr. Barnes, because he was an ordinary private practice physician and didn't work in a medical school or university setting.

Dr. Barnes did a study that's never been done before or since.

So first, Dr. Barnes restored the metabolism of over 3000 patients.

Now at that time, another group of 3000 people who were NOT his patients were enrolled in a large-scale medical study.

So Dr. Barnes could compare the health of his 3000 patients with restored metabolisms, to the health of 3000 SIMILAR patients in the study who had NOT restored their metabolism.

In the long term studies WITHOUT restored metabolism, the patients were dying off like flies.

They were dying of heart disease, they were dying of pneumonia, they were dying of cancer.

The men had erectile dysfunction.

The women had low libidos and all sorts of problems in their ovaries and uterus.

But Dr. Barnes restored the metabolism of his 3000 patients, and instead of 100s having heart disease, only five had heart disease.

And over decades, there was virtually no cancer, no pneumonia, just about perfect health with these 3000 people with restored metabolism.

And remember: the only difference between the people in the large-scale medical study, people who were aging "normally", and Dr. Barnes patients...

...the only difference was that Dr. Barnes restored his patients metabolism, with simple inexpensive and over-the-counter supplements.

Dr. Barnes didn't do surgery on his patients.

Dr. Barnes didn't prescribe expensive and dangerous drugs for his patients.

Dr. Barnes did not do anything to them, he only gave them a simple over-the-counter remedy, a remedy that restored their metabolism, and fixed virtually all of their health problems.

So with this amazing outcome for 3000 patients, you would think that Dr. Barnes became very famous.

You would think he would win the Nobel Prize, and you would think that he would be acclaimed and well-known today.

But he is not.

Because of course, big Pharma cannot tolerate someone like Dr. Barnes.

The whole object of medicine today is to sell drugs, sell surgery, sell medical procedures.

The medical rathole.

I was already falling down into the medical rathole myself by the time I read of Dr. Barnes work.

By now, I was on five dangerous drugs.

I did not think I would ever reach the age of 50.

I was so sick, that I was at the doctors almost every week, and in the emergency room.

When I finally figured out how to restore my metabolism, within two weeks I had eliminated all my medications.

Now I can't tell you to throw your medicines away.

I'm not a doctor, I don't know you, and that would be wrong.

It was the wrong thing for me to do, but I did it anyway.

And since then, I have been on no medications whatsoever.

All I'm doing is restoring my metabolism.

I found that my erections are much much better, I feel much stronger in bed, and I feel more into other people, more connected, more Alpha, without even trying.

I know it sounds crazy that restoring your metabolism would fix all of your health problems and medical problems and set back the clock.

But it's true.

Years ago, when this method of restoring your metabolism was first discovered, one hundred thousand people started taking a simple substance called DNP that restores metabolism.

Stanford University said of DNP, "the increased metabolic activity burns extra fat and carbohydrate and thereby reduces body weight."

People using DNP lost an average of 30 pounds. They felt better. They slept less.

They experienced dramatic sexual improvements.

DNP proved you could burn fat, lose weight, feel better and roll back the clock, simply by raising your metabolism.

But then Big Pharma cartel squashed DNP and made it illegal to prescribe.

And I don't use it myself because I've found far better ways to restore my metabolism.

I discovered research that was buried deep in the medical library, showing how simple ingredients found around the kitchen and bathroom can restore your metabolism using safe ingredients proven over 150 years.

You don't need DNP or any drug to do it.

And pretty soon my kitchen table looked like a chemistry lab.

I was purchasing bags of cheap supplements from, and using our kitchen blender for making shakes and smoothies with powders and things from the kitchen and bathroom, all of which were safe and proven over 150 years.

I came up with a simple shake that I call the metabolic shake and drinking this restored my metabolism.

I also came up with a simple way to verify that my metabolism had been restored, thanks to a discovery by Dr. Barnes.

Although I could easily tell from the powerful erections I was now getting that my metabolism was that of a teen-ager.

And in fact my lab tests showed my testosterone was at 950, which is pretty high for a man my age (this is a normal effect.)

Over time, I came to perfect a particular metabolic shake that reliably restores metabolism and keeps it at a higher level all the time, and does it safely and cheaply.

In fact, just thirty cents worth of common ingredients most of which are now found in your kitchen and bathroom can restore your metabolism safely.

Through the day you will be warmer, your metabolism will be higher, and you'll be alert. You won't crash after lunch.

At night, your sexual function will be restored, your hormonal mix will be improving all the time, and you'll stop being sick and you'll lose flab.

Soon you will not need your medications.

You'll be able to go to your doctor and have your doctor take you off those medications because you no longer need them.

My metabolic shake is very easy to make. It takes me 5 minutes in the morning.

All the ingredients have a long established record of safety over 150 years.

You don't need a prescription to get any of the ingredients. In fact, most of the ingredients you've already been taking, just not in the same way and in the same quantities.

The ingredients of the metabolic shake cause a simple shift in your cells that restores their metabolism to 20 years younger.

Each ingredient in the metabolic shake is natural and safe.

The metabolic shake makes your cells burn more of your food instead of storing it as fat.

And with a newly restored metabolism, you start to gain lean muscle, your your heart gets stronger.

Your sex hormones surge as your testosterone skyrockets.

Before using my metabolic shake, many men have high estrogen and prolactin levels.

High estrogen and prolactin is I believe a leading cause of ED.

A specific safe ingredient in my metabolic shake lowers estrogen and prolactin so that you no longer suffer weak, short-lasting erections.

And you can now have an orgasm and be ready to go again like you could when you were 20.

Study after study verifies my discovery that my metabolic shake burns fat, builds sexual power, restores health, and leads to a longer healthier life.

The same as calorie restriction, but without actually having to eat less.

As these Brazilian professors noted, chemicals similar to my metabolic shake ingredients "promoted the beneficial effects of caloric restriction... body weight, serum glucose and triglyceride levels.

More importantly...significantly increased lifespan."

The difference between my metabolic shake, and what these Brazilian professors use to lengthen life and increase health, is that my metabolic shake uses common ingredients found in your kitchen and bathroom, proven safe over the last 150 years.

But does it work? This simple chart shows how one super safe ingredient in my metabolic shake raises cell metabolism by 300%.

So if restoring your metabolism is so good, and if it lengthens life, and if it causes you to burn fat effortlessly, and if it results in amazing sexual stamina, then why haven't you heard about it already?

The drug companies are working feverishly to create expensive medications that restore metabolism.

Meanwhile, my simple metabolic shake ingredients cost less than thirty cents.

The drug companies will never make any money selling that, and they know that.

So they're trying to find very expensive drugs that the insurance companies will pay for, and eventually try to get everyone to spend hundreds of dollars a month on.

Even if they do come out with such a drug, chances are it will be very expensive, and have loads of side effects.

My simple metabolic shake contains ingredients that are proven over 150 years, with no side effects at all.

You'll find the ingredients in your kitchen, and a few of them you want to buy on or at the health food store.

I buy some of them by the bag, and a bag may cost $15 and may last a year. Like I said, this is very very inexpensive.

I'm no longer taking a nap every day.

I'm no longer suffering poor sexual performance.

I'm no longer having bad lab tests, high cholesterol or high estrogen in my body.

My testosterone is through the roof, and my prolactin and estrogen that kill erections is way down.

Al thanks to the metabolic shake.

Professor Clay Semenkovich of the Washington University School of Medicine recently conducted a series of pioneering experiments to explore how restoring metabolism like my metabolic shake lengthens life.

"The muscles burn more calories," he reported.

But more than this, Dr. Semenkovich found that animals given it "delayed death and diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and even cancer."

And he found something extraordinary about exercise...

Restoring metabolism this way "may be a substitute for exercise."

And that's what I have found in my life.

Just being active, walking around and having fun, my muscles are starting to bulk up, and I'm losing fat, and it's all thanks to the metabolic shake.

I want you to know that the metabolic shake probably won't make you live longer than the theoretical limit in humans lifespan.

Some human beings have lived 120 years old, one or two maybe longer than that.

I don't expect to live past 120, and I do expect to be healthy and happy when I'm well over 100.

Because for every animal that is ever been tried, including man, restoring metabolism has worked to lengthen life, make you lean, bring back your sexual powers, and build fitness and motivation.

It sounds crazy, but the drug companies are doing studies on humans to try to create expensive drugs, but thanks to my metabolic shake, you can have all this today, with thirty cents worth of safe common ingredients some of which are found in your kitchen and bathroom.

One of the benefits of what I do is to help so many men recover their sexual function, lose flab and regain their health.

These men write me all the time at [email protected].

I hope you'll write me too.

For example,

I am Husam from Saudi Arabia. I have been following you for long time and I read your amazing emails everyday and I have subscribed to 4 of your courses. The truth is I have subscribed to many courses through internet but none of them compare to your great courses. Last course solves my ED problem, so thank you so much for that.
Thank you so much again for improving my life.

Husam, I am so happy for you, that your ED is gone now.

And Antonio writes,

Thanks a ton, my MASTER!!!
It's a true pleasure and a honor be part of this family!!! him My health is getting better EVERYDAY since I started to follow your advices! Big hug and God bless,

I'm thrilled for you Antonio, way to go!

And John just wrote in,

Hi Matt I woke up this morning with the hardest member I have had for many years.


I'm so thrilled for you too, John. Things have just begun. Morning wood becomes harder, longer lasting erections and 60 minute sex whenever you want. Way to go, John!

And Tom writes,

My weight was stuck at 258-260 for the longest time. Last week I noticed some decrease and this morn my weight was 249.5!

Blood pressure is down on ½ pill of both valsartan and diltiazem with my docs approval. Starting to get medium morning wood and my sugar is easier to control on less Lantus.

These programs work! Cant wait to get my test results in January!

This is the easiest way to solve my health problems that I have ever tried and I have tried many.

Thanks again Matt!

Tom, you're on your way, my man. Soon your doctor will take you off ALL your meds. Great job so far!

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