Secret Drug Company Research Proves It's True: This Ordinary White Powder Can Protect Men's Testosterone Levels

I know this is going to sound totally nuts... but I have discovered a remarkable white powder with striking properties that is turning modern medicine on its ear...

Dr. Paul O'Connor from Augusta University says, "A daily dose...can not only reduce acidity but actually slow progression of kidney disease."1

And National Institutes of Health Feldstein Institute says that this white powder "attenuates inflammation and disease severity in rheumatoid arthritis."2

And wait until you see how this white powder may sometimes stop cancer cells in their tracks... it may even prevent future cancer cells from growing...3

...while in another study, this white powder gave men powerful stamina they hadn't had even as kids...4

This cheap natural powder may also slip past the blood-brain barrier and help destroy amyloid plaques that are associated with dementia...5

And now I'm seeing more and more doctors "prescribing" this white powder to all their patients...

...and within a few years, I believe it could even bring down one or more of the big drug companies.

How can they stay in business when this white powder can replace many drugs, without any of the expense or side effects?6

I know it sounds totally crazy, but give me 2 and a half minutes and tell me if you don't absolutely agree this is the greatest revolution in health you have ever seen, okay?

This seemingly ordinary white powder can give you a natural energy boost...7

...reduce inflammation all over the body...8 and balance the gut...9

And most importantly, it can help fight and prevent the two biggest scourges on the planet...

...cancer and dementia...

This ordinary white powder is truly an amazing natural miracle put here on Earth by God himself.

I just wish I knew about it sooner...

My own mother died with dementia, my dad died with dementia...

And I can tell you, I would have given everything I have, paid every dollar to my name to know about this natural white powder back then...

And maybe have a chance to extend their lives by decades.

Because here's the craziest part...

It costs less than a dollar for a six month supply.

So now I expect your skeptic gland to be working overtime.

It's saying to you, "No way. It can't be true. Why haven't I heard about it?"

And I am going to share the striking weird reason why you HAVE NOT heard of this ordinary white powder before...

...and it will probably make you very, very angry...

Because the truth is, I bet you have some of this miraculous white powder in your house right now...

And people all over the world are using this ordinary white powder and reporting sensational results.

One person who would rather remain anonymous says:

I no longer get any type of headaches. My blood pressure and heart rate are now excellent. I very seldom have any allergy type symptoms. I no longer have pain in my spleen area. My eyelids no longer swell. My energy level is back to where it was 20 years ago. I wake up refreshed and alert. I no longer get shooting pains in different areas of my body. I can breathe much deeper. My excess fat is disappearing...

-- Anonymous

And Vernon J. says thanks to this ordinary white powder, his stage 4 prostate cancer is GONE...

Vernon Johnston fought his cancer with ingredients taken from his kitchen. His efforts and success are documented on his blog aptly described as "dance with cancer".

University of Arizona Cancer Center member Dr. Mark Pagel will receive a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effectiveness of this powder to treat breast cancer...

A first-line medicinal for the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, influenza and even the common cold. And importantly, it is also a powerful buffer against radiation exposure, so everyone should be up to speed on its use. Everybody's physiology is under heavy nuclear attack from strong radioactive winds that are circling the northern hemisphere.

And Andi B. says that this ordinary white powder is saving his mother-in-law's life...

My mother-in-law is in remission with this. Just to let you know. We don't know truly if that's what did it, but that's all she has done. The doctors said no treatment, just keep doing what you're doing. She was diagnosed last year & now in full remission.

It's may have saved Randy H. from diabetes:

I tried it for about 6 weeks and dropped my A1C from 8.3 to 6.8. My doctor looked at me and said what did you do. I feel so much better, I don't have the cravings for junk food and I don't feel as bloated.

And this is all from a cheap white powder you can get at any grocery store...

Now in case you don't know who I am, my name is Matt Cook and I'm a full-time health researcher... and by full-time, I mean I live for this stuff.

For over 20 years, I've been discovering natural fixes for men's health problems, and I'm pretty passionate about what I do...

You may have seen me on ABC news... I'm the only man they've ever interviewed about orgasms, believe it or not.

Now I write both daily and monthly health newsletters along with my other endeavors.

Every day, almost 400,000 men receive my underground, buried, and censored medical studies, and benefit greatly from it...

I've been able to help over 40,000 men improve their romantic life. Some of these men didn't have sex for decades until they used our protocols.

Protocols like the one with this white powder -- cheap, easy to use, and usually safe.

But if you are under the care of a doctor, taking medication, you always want to check with your doctor before starting something new, even this white powder.

So, now that you know who I am and what I'm all about, let's get back to business...

You're here because you want to know about this ordinary white powder that can fight cancer cells and remove toxins associated with dementia10...

You see, us men in the bathroom -- every morning without thinking about it, we apply various chemicals in laundry detergent, soaps, shampoos, shaving cream, aftershave...

...that expose us to estrogen-like compounds known as endocrine disruptors...I simply call them toxins.

And we're exposed to these toxins in our water, in our food...

And these toxins are building up in men's bodies and building up in men's brains and having catastrophic effects on men's health.11

These toxins upset the delicate balance of the gut12 and may lead to diabetes...these toxins clog up the blood vessels13, and these toxins lower men's testosterone.14

And these are the same toxins that have been linked to cancer15 and Alzheimer's disease16 in men.

These toxins can hurt your kidneys too (but this white powder has been shown to improve kidney disease17).

So as we keep using all these toxins, these endocrine disruptors, and we keep getting more and more exposure in the foods we eat and in the chemicals in our water...

...more of these toxins build up...

For instance, several of the ingredients that are in almost every shampoo will enter the scalp and enter the bloodstream as estrogen-like compounds...18

...and then they will travel to the liver, and down to the testicles...

...and they can actually shrink the Leydig cells in the testicles19, which are responsible for creating testosterone...

So testosterone drops lower, and estrogen levels rise.

And for men, estrogen is a hormone that you definitely don't want in your body in high amounts...20

And yet, there's a very common soap that almost everyone uses that contains an ingredient that raises estrogen.21

Higher estrogen in men will lead to prostate inflammation22 and sexual difficulties23, belly fat24, and even dreaded man boobs.25

Oh, and next time you're in the bathroom, take a look at your toothpaste label...

You might see the ingredient "glycerin" listed on there.

Glycerin coats teeth with an invisible layer of wax-like gunk, and this prevents saliva from remineralizing teeth overnight while we're asleep.26

Because of this glycerin, the saliva can't reach the tooth's surface as easily, and the result can be worse and worse tooth decay and gum disease.27

And that's not all you should be worried about...

What most men are rolling onto the armpits can also cause enormous health problems...

I'm talking about nearly every deodorant on the market... they all contain an ingredient that builds up in the brain... an ingredient that's been linked to Alzheimer's disease...28

Fortunately, there is something you can use today -- right now -- to start dealing with these toxins...

It's this ordinary, cheap white powder that you can get at nearly any store in the country.

Most stores charge just 89 cents, and it will last you for months.

Because all you need is a pinch.

Just one little pinch of this ordinary white powder a day can naturally help treat gut problems29, inflammation30, cancer31, and even Alzheimer's32.

It can even help increase testosterone by making exercise easier and more effective.33

I know it sounds too good to be true, but there's plenty of scientific evidence to back it up.

And this powder costs literally less than a penny per day.

Here's how it works...

All of the cells in our body need oxygen.

The more oxygen the cells and tissues get, the healthier they are.

Young people have more oxygen reaching their tissues, and as we age, we get less oxygen and we age faster as a result.34

That's right: when you were young, you had more oxygen reaching your cells.

But not anymore.

Now, if you're like most men, your cells are starved for oxygen, hungry for oxygen...

...suffering from lack of oxygen in a long, slow suffocation that ages us35, cancers us36, and ultimately kills us37.

It's got a name, this oxygen starvation, and that name is hypoxia.

Hypoxia is the long, slow suffocation that takes place as we age faster and faster...

And cancer is one of the leading causes of suffering and death38, and guess what?

Cancer cells LOVE hypoxia, they HATE oxygen.39

Cancer cells hate oxygen the way a burglar in the night hates bright lights.

Cancer cells love to hang out and grow in a low oxygen state40... which is why the chances of suffering cancer skyrockets as we age.

Another study shows that hypoxia promotes cancer growth and tumor progression in the prostate.41

And another study shows that a lack of oxygen in cancer cells leads to growth and metastasis.42

So the more oxygen reaches your cells and tissue, the healthier and more resistant to cancer you are.

Now here is where it gets really weird...

You might be thinking, "Matt I want more oxygen reaching my tissues.

"I want more healthy oxygen reaching my brain and my body, but how do I do that?"

And here it is -- the weird secret to INCREASING the amount of oxygen that reaches your cells...

To get HIGHER oxygen reaching your cells, you need HIGHER carbon dioxide.43

Did you know that carbon dioxide is a vital nutrient and the more carbon dioxide in your body, the more oxygen reaches your cells?44

Try this experiment.

Exhale until your lungs are empty, and pinch your nostrils closed.

Try to stay like that for as long as possible until you need air.

You'll notice your nose opens up, and what you may notice or feel is that your blood vessels open up.

This little experiment raises carbon dioxide levels in your body and instantly increases oxygen levels too.

The extra boost of carbon dioxide relaxes the blood vessels all over the body, even in the brain, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to flow through...45

So the more carbon dioxide you have in your cells and tissues, the more oxygen reaches those cells and tissues.

This is actually called the Bohr Effect, named after Christian Bohr, famous Danish scientist who died in 1911.

Bohr proved long ago that oxygen reaches the cells and tissues more efficiently when there's more carbon dioxide present.46

So men with high carbon dioxide levels usually have high oxygen levels.

Remember: raise carbon dioxide and you raise oxygen.

For instance, when you run, you burn 10 times more energy than if you just stand around.

And what happens when you burn 10 times more fat and sugar for energy?

When you're exercising, you burn fat and sugar for energy and turn it into carbon dioxide.47

So when you are running, your body is creating 10 times more carbon dioxide.

That's where the magic comes in. Because the higher carbon dioxide is, the more oxygen reaches your muscles.

This is how higher carbon dioxide levels give you more oxygen, so you can continue running.

(In fact, this white powder has been shown in many studies to help you exercise more vigorously and recover faster.)48

So if you want to have high, healthy oxygen levels, you just need to raise the carbon dioxide level in your bloodstream...

Not just when you are running.

But all the time.

And this ordinary white powder naturally contains life giving carbon dioxide.49

This powder can actually give up its carbon dioxide properties and give it to you, helping you raise your body's oxygen levels naturally.50

And oxygenated cells can potentially toxins better and faster than cells with less oxygen.

Oxygenated cells may prevent cancer from growing and spreading and infecting men's bodies...51

So inflammation in the body goes down...and all the diseases associated with inflammation may improve.

All from a cheap, ordinary white powder you can get at nearly every store in the world.

And here's another extraordinary benefit from this ordinary white powder...

Remember those bathroom habits that expose your brain and body to dangerous endocrine disruptors?

Well, they're not just hiding in the bathroom... we're exposed to them everywhere we go.

They're hiding in our environment, in household items, in foods... they're all around us.52

And all of these toxins cause low oxygen in our tissues -- hypoxia.53

They stop the cells and tissues from getting enough oxygen.

It's as if your cells are breathing in dirty, polluted air when these toxins are around.

These endocrine disruptors slowly build up in the body's tissues, and the longer they stay there, the more damage they cause...

They steal the oxygen from your cells and tissues, causing hypoxia to damage organs...54 the liver55... the nervous system56...

...the gut57... the brain58...

And endocrine disruptors are very, very hard to detect in the body...

So most health issues get blamed on other causes, when really it's the endocrine disruptors doing the damage by causing tissue hypoxia.

When the brain isn't getting enough oxygen, this may lead to amyloid plaques forming in the brain.

And amyloid plaques are thought to be associated with dementia.59

But this cheap, ordinary white powder may help the body remove these toxins and may help dementia.60

Just a pinch of this powder can help you start treating a lifetime of exposure to these toxins.

This powder enters your bloodstream and travels around to every cell and tissue, including the brain...

This ordinary white powder is like a janitor and security guard all in one.

It mops up all the mess and carries the toxins away.

And it protects the cells and tissues from further harm.

It's an amazing natural remedy to many of the worst health conditions on the planet.

However, keep in mind that even a good thing can be bad for you if you overdo it...

It's like drinking water.

Drinking water is good for you. Your body must have water to function.

But if you drink too much, it can kill you.

You can actually drown your organs drinking too much water.

And this ordinary white powder can also harm you if you take too much.

But don't worry, I'm going to tell you exactly how much of this powder is safe and how to use it.

So now you're probably wondering... why hasn't your doctor told you about this ordinary white powder?

And if this white powder is so great, why haven't you heard about it until now?

Well the truth is this...

Doctors are good people, but they are all under enormous pressure by Big Pharma to obey the rules.

And the rules are to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.

Big Pharma makes more than $1 trillion a year globally by selling prescription drugs.61

And it's all about profits when it comes to the big pharmaceutical corporations.

Even Goldman Sachs has admitted that curing patients doesn't make the big drug companies enough money:


So ask yourself: if this ordinary white powder can treat and prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer, why would Big Pharma want you to know about it?

Why would they want doctors to prescribe it?

Curing people doesn't make them any money.

They would lose billions and billions of dollars treating these diseases if everyone knew about this natural remedy.

But I'm not in this for the money... I want you to live a naturally healthy life, free from disease and pills and doctors' offices...

That is my wish for all men... and that's why I'm giving you this for free...

You see, I plan on living to be at least 120 years old, and I don't plan on ever having to worry about getting cancer or dementia.

And I want you to join me. Right now, today.

So not only am I giving you this free report that shows you exactly how to start using this ordinary white powder to heal your body naturally...

...I'm also giving you a free copy of my best-selling book, Healthy to 120.

It's a phenomenal book priced at $29.95 on Amazon with many five star reviews:

Healthy to 120 reveals my life's work -- natural discoveries that I hope will transform your health and happiness, while adding decades to your life.

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Just help me out with the shipping and handling, so that I can afford to get this out to as many men as possible.

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Here's what men are saying about Healthy to 120...

I noticed an immediate change in my attitude!

I got cheery and started doing things I hate to do, like cleaning the toilet!

Now, at 54 years of age I can say that my testosterone level has gone down quite a bit and I have been very depressed after being dumped by my 30 year old hottie two months ago.

So all of a sudden this stuff catapults me our of a depressed state and has me excited about a walk about the local mall tonight to see what transpires!

I think it works on us guys in a way that actually causes us to produce testosterone!

This would be a God Send for all the guys on those stupid, ineffective testosterone creams!

Thanks for turning me onto this stuff, it may actually be the best for what ails us men!

- Robert

I have tried the pills, shots, and pumps and they work but nothing is as good as good as when things are working they way they should naturally.

I have been on Testosterone replacement treatment for 5 years.

I am taking medication for diabetes too, which makes the problem even worse.

So I decided to try your course. It was priced right and risk free so I tried it.

It worked!! I couldn't believe it.

It has been about 6 weeks and I am good as new!

Who would ever think that the course would bring things back! After years of suffering with this problem, I would have never believed it could be so easy to fix!

Thanks! -- Ron S.

I truly believed that my issue wasn't medical and that there had to be a way to help this without going to a doctor.

My fear was that at 43 years old I would be taking unnecessary pills for the rest of my life, without really knowing what the cause was.

I found your course and after a little hesitation decided to go "all in".

I am glad I did.

I immediately learned what the cause for my issue was, and could clearly see how it came about as I listened to you explain where it comes from.

Needless to say, it gave me great hope and confidence. I haven't even been through the entire course and have already seen great improvements.

But more importantly I see the certainty of an amazing sex life as I get older. Knowing that things can get better is a great feeling.

- John L.

Hello Matt, I have solved my problem...

I thought this was silly, when I first heard of it, however, I will doing this every other day for at least the next year.

I went to my Urologist last Tuesday, he said that my retained urine (after I empty my bladder) was the lowest it had ever been.

The results of his blood test, where my Testosterone was increased from 300 to 900, and my PSA was .47.

Matt you have saved me from getting the "tube in Dr willie" operation.

Thanks, is not enough.

- "Earl" from Houston

But all this helpful advice in Healthy to 120 wouldn't be worth a penny if you didn't understand how to put it into action.

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Because of these discoveries, I can honestly say that Healthy to 120 is my ultimate achievement, my life's work...

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You'll regain the health, the sexual powers, and the youthful body you used to have, or maybe never had...

And you will be able to use a cheap, ordinary white powder to prevent cancer and Alzheimer's from ever happening to you.

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Well then let me just answer some questions you might have about myself, about Healthy to 120, and about the ordering process... you can make the right easy decision to make...transforming your entire life, utterly and completely...

Question #1: I'm taking medications, will this book help me?

The book is loaded with stuff you can do -- but always discuss it with your doctor first!

I am very confident you'll enjoy hearing about my journey to 120 and you'll get a ton of great ideas.

For me, I feel like my mind is quicker. My body temperature is higher.

I have better muscles than I did when I was really sick.

It's been amazing -- and now I hope to live to 120 years old.

Question #2: "My back has been bad for you have any suggestions?"

In my Healthy to 120 package, I can show you what I do, and my wife Jodi does, to escape back pain. It does NOT require any pills.

(And most of the stretching she and I had been doing was actually not helping.)

Now that we are doing things a little differently, we each have almost no back pain and if we do get back pain it goes away fast.

Question #3: "How can I get help if I have a question or a problem with shipping or anything?"

When you order, your information is safe because we use quality end-to-end encryption.

Also, we never sell or give away any of your information. We have a very straightforward and strict privacy policy.

Most importantly, I have worked hard with my publisher to give you amazing support in the event you have a question about ANYTHING at all.

You can email us at [email protected] and you'll get fast help with any issues you may have.

We also man the phones so you can talk to a live person who will gladly help you out.

The phones are manned with a U.S. based team whose only job is to make sure you are completely satisfied.

7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The phone number is 877-691-3328. Outside the US it's +1-703-637-9163

Question #4: "Are you guys legit? I have two buddies who said they want a copy for themselves after they noticed all the improvements in my life."

When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

It is the same type of system that Amazon uses. And it isn't me that's filling your order.

It's my publisher, Calworth Glenford, and Calworth Glenford uses 256 bit encryption.

Your card is much safer than it is if you plunk it down at a restaurant or department store because no employee ever looks at the card number.

Calworth Glenford has been in business since 1996, and they're family owned and they're not some fly by night.

And they have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau.

They've had tens of thousands of customers and never, not once, has anyone ever had their security breached.

They have their full reputation on the line and they're not here to take advantage of people or rip them off or end up in the newspapers.

And everything is spelled out in plain language.

There are no fine print charges or anything greyed out to trick you.

I hate that and I'd never allow that.

I hope your question was answered.

With Healthy to 120, what if you were living like a man in his twenties again?

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Since we are all planning to live to 120 years old now, I will see you at 120!


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