These Five Flow Foods May Help Normalize Men’s Blood Pressure While Maintaining Good Blood Flow Everywhere in A Man’s Body

Believe it or not, I found these 5 simple, delicious foods that naturally seem to lower my blood pressure...

And I only need to eat one of these 5 foods to start feeling the positive effects...

Even better, as I'll soon show you, these 5 foods seem to help increase blood flow all over my body...

So in this short report...

I'll show you what I'm doing to increase blood flow throughout the body...with these 5 flow foods ...

And you are about to discover how getting good blood flow is crucial to a man's health and performance...1 blood flow may be the number one thing to consider when dealing with high blood pressure or heart problems...

...and how 5 simple, natural foods may help you maintain great blood flow throughout the body...2

...and potentially add decades to your life3 while allowing you to continue showing your love to a woman in a physical way.4

My name is Matt Cook, and I was dying...dying in the bedroom...

Maybe you aren't as bad off...

Maybe you want to lose some belly fat... want to have the stamina you used to have...

But I was bedroom life was practically nonexistent...

And in figuring out what was killing me, I end up on ABC News...

...and now over 400,000 men are transforming their health and love life...

...thanks to my discovery...

So back then, I'm on six medications...

...making multiple visits to the emergency room...

I have high blood pressure, blood sugar problems, asthma, and intimacy problems.

I hope you aren't as sick as I was -- but either way, what I'm going to share will help you...

Did I mention I'm only 45 when this is happening to me?

Yet I'm feeling and living like I'm 90 years old, and it's taking its toll, even on my marriage...

So I start to wonder...

Could all the medications I'm taking be making me sick?

I look at the first prescription bottle on my nightstand -- a drug for blood pressure.

Now what I'm going to tell you now has more to do with male blood flow than blood pressure.

Stick with me here to discover my breakthrough on male blood flow as I'm doing my research...

So several years ago, just for the heck of it, I start doing a little googling on my blood pressure medications...

...and at the time I'm working at a regular job, so I google on my off hours...

...I google in the evenings...

...I google on weekends...

And I begin to read actual medical studies published in prestigious medical journals throughout the world.

It becomes more and more important to me to discover the answer to my terrible and worsening health problems...

So I manage to quit my job...and soon I'm working at my health research virtually every waking hour.

I'm now focusing solely on researching health discoveries...I'm even skipping meals and often staying up until midnight and waking at 6AM to continue my research.

And I have to tell you that when I started, I expected that this would be relatively easy...

I expected to find all sorts of proof and evidence, that the pills I'm taking are going to fix and improve my health...

But what I actually discover is shocking beyond belief. I still have trouble believing it even today.

I can't keep this discovery to myself...

The drugs I am researching are drugs that you may very well be taking.

So what I am about to reveal about these drugs... it will have you wanting to flush them right down the toilet...

But as tempting as that is, please talk to your doctor first.

And brace yourself for what you're about to discover...

Blood pressure pills have dangers that we're not told about...

For instance, in a study I found done on rats, a very popular blood pressure drug caused tissue death in the liver...

Now, many people see a study like this and say:

"Matt, I'll bet those rats were stuffed to the gills with a 100 times the dosage that a regular person would get. No wonder the rats had liver damage."

But no, not true. These rats were given a normal dose of blood pressure medication, not a huge dose.

Just the normal amount that a human would get if he were the size of a rat.

And they still experienced liver tissue death... from a blood pressure pill... in normal doses...

Then I discover that blood pressure drugs actually INCREASE the risk of stroke in men over the age of 50:6


Shocking, I know.

There are several ways to lower blood pressure.

And what I found, and this is just my opinion, is that the blood pressure drugs were lowering my pressure in an unsafe way.

These blood pressure drugs were causing harm to my liver and probably raising the risk of a stroke...

...and these drugs are probably harmful to men's prostate -- and it gets worse because...

...blood pressure drugs can hurt male performance8...

And it's not just one kind of blood pressure medication that can destroy things in the male department... almost all of them can...

For instance, alpha blockers like tamsulosin mess with men's sexual function:


Beta blockers like metoprolol can hurt men "down there..."


Calcium channel blockers like amlodipine can numb a man's pleasure centers:


And even ACE inhibitors, the most common type of blood pressure drug, can hurt male function... especially when taken with other medications:


Is this why I've been struggling so badly with intimacy with my wife?

And finally, I even find studies linking blood pressure drugs to several different types of cancer...

CANCER! From a blood pressure drug...

Common blood pressure drugs like Losartan and Valsartan are linked to cancer:


I've also discovered that men on ACE inhibitors often develop a cough14...

...and now scientists are saying that this cough may turn into lung cancer15...

And that using ACE inhibitors for more than 5 years increases the chances of getting lung cancer from these drugs16...

Most men stay on blood pressure drugs for decades!17

Now even the mainstream media are beginning to report on the dangers of these drugs... but you probably haven't heard anything about their dangers from your own doctor...


So let me ask you: do you see why I became so uncomfortable taking blood pressure drugs?

I simply can't believe what I'm reading in these medical studies -- it's like a car crash I can't look away from.

Now I know it's not all in my head... these pills are making me WORSE...

And that's why one of the first problems I tackle in my early career as a health researcher is achieving normal blood pressure, without these harmful drugs.

So let's talk about the biggest thing I've discovered -- the relationship between high blood pressure and blood flow...

Because this is very important, and ties into how blood pressure drugs lower pressure, which you will soon see doesn't address the REAL cause of high blood pressure...

Take a look at the photo below:

In this photo, you can see how the blood travels from the heart to other organs through wide, flexible blood vessels...

These vessels carry blood to other tissues and organs, like the lungs, the liver, the kidneys -- even the penis...

And they replenish them all with essential oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly in the body.

This is why good blood flow is so important to overall health.

However, over time... toxins, poor dietary habits, and just plain aging causes stiffness in the blood vessels19...

The blood vessels lose their flexibility and become narrow and constricted...

...and plaque can build up, blocking up parts of the artery.

Suddenly, blood flow isn't very good anymore.

The heart tries to respond to this blockage...but it can't pump as much blood as it wants to.20

So it tries to force more blood through these narrow, constricted vessels.

This is what causes high blood pressure.21

Think of it like a water hose filled with cement...

If a water hose is clogged up with cement, it's not going to work very well, is it?

When you turn the hose on, very little water is going to come out...

The only way you're going to get any water out of this blocked-up hose is by increasing the water pressure...

...higher and higher and higher...

...hoping that the pressure is enough to blast the water through the blocked up hose...

This is exactly how high blood pressure works in the human body.

As soon as our blood vessels lose their flexibility and get clogged up with plaque, blood flow suffers22...

Less oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow make it to the organs.

So the body turns up the pressure to try and force more blood through the vessels.

And in this way, maintaining adequate blood pressure can actually be protective.23

Think about it... in some cases, high blood pressure may mean your heart has recognized there's a blood flow problem and is trying to correct it.

Maybe that's why amongst men 75 and older, high blood pressure was found to be protective:


My intuition is telling me that the Big Pharma companies may be wrong.

I'm feeling that high blood pressure is a logical reaction for the body...that sometimes it is needed to get oxygen to the farthest tissues... force the blood to flow to all the organs, even when the blood vessels may be stiffened or clogged.

So adequate blood pressure may be protecting your organs from a lack of oxygen-rich blood flow -- otherwise known as tissue hypoxia or tissue death.25

It certainly seems that way with people over 75 years of age.

So now I'm thinking, if I lower my blood pressure without fixing the real problem...

...which is bad blood flow, I may be setting myself up for worse health problems and worse male function...

Now you can see why...

And that's exactly why lowering blood pressure naturally may beat using blood pressure drugs...

Blood pressure drugs DO lower blood pressure... but they do not improve blood flow.26

One pioneering study says it outright:

"Our results indicate that impotence in hypertensive men is caused mainly by penile arterial vascular changes, probably atherosclerosis.

Drug-induced impotence could well be the result of blood pressure reduction itself and not specific drug side effects."27

And this same study shows how many men in the study were impotent, despite blood pressure medication, or perhaps because of it:

Now do you see how blood pressure drugs may not be the best way to fix high blood pressure?

So I keep searching... looking for a natural solution to bad blood flow AND high blood pressure...

One option that I considered was doing nothing...not taking any pills. But then my pressure would be super high...and that worried me.

So what to do? The pills weren't good, but I wasn't willing to have very high blood pressure untreated either...

Well after many sleepless nights, I stumble onto a physician researcher named David McCarron at the University of California at Davis...

Dr. McCarron has, to my mind, broke open the secrets of using 5 flow foods to help lower blood pressure naturally, with no side effects except good ones!

Please note that Dr. McCarron didn't invent the 5 flow foods but I do credit him with the discoveries that let me find these 5 flow foods.

These foods are special because as you'll see, they deliver the nutrients the body needs to help keep the blood vessels wide-open and flexible.

They may even help destroy the plaque that builds up and clogs up the blood vessels.

And they may increase blood flow for men.

That's how these 5 flow foods may naturally help improve blood flow ALL over the body, making blood pressure fall on its own.28, 29, 30, 31, 32

This protects the heart while giving all the other organs in the body a big boost.

Even male function may benefit from this33 -- many men report great results after adding these 5 flow foods to their diet.

So without further ado, here are the 5 flow foods I discovered, and how they work to help improve blood flow and normalize pressure...

Flow Food #1: Foods rich in potassium

Potassium helps the body control sodium levels, which has a big effect on blood flow.34

Too much sodium leads to inflammation of the blood vessels, so they lose their flexibility and become narrow.35

As we know now, this hurts blood flow and leads to high blood pressure.

And that's why potassium is so useful -- it makes the body get rid of the extra sodium through your urine.36

Then inflammation in the blood vessels goes away...

And potassium improves blood flow by easing the tension in your blood vessel walls:


And blood pressure begins falling on its own.

The best way to get potassium is naturally through foods.

But it's tough to get enough potassium eating a standard diet.

Everyone knows about bananas, but who wants to eat a ton of bananas?

Then there's cooked spinach, cooked broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes...

Avocados aren't bad sources of potassium either.

And of course, there are potassium supplements, but you can take too much and that can be very dangerous.38

It's important to get potassium from real foods.

And how do you know you're getting enough potassium, but not too much?

Don't worry -- in just a minute, I'll show you an easier way...

I figured out a way to get plenty of potassium and keep my blood pressure in the normal range even while I generously salt foods.

And let me talk about sodium again for a second... You may have been told that limiting salt is important...

But the truth is, limiting salt can actually increase blood pressure and cause scar tissue to form in the organs.39

Limiting salt increases aldosterone -- a mineralocorticoid -- and aldosterone causes inflammation that leads to scarring and plaque build up in the arteries and in the heart valve:


Nobody wants scar tissue and plaque building up in their heart valve and in their blood vessels. Aldosterone sucks.

And that's why limiting salt is a terrible idea.

Limiting salt doesn't actually lower pressure and it causes terrible destructive increase in the mineralocorticoid called aldosterone:


You don't want high aldosterone -- you want LOW aldosterone.

And the way to do that is to salt your foods according to what scientists call your salt appetite.42

But why worry about salt when you can simply boost your potassium?

Getting more potassium is the key, and I have a simple way I use to do that, and then I use however much salt I want.

Flow Food #2: Foods rich in magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral for the body.

When you think of magnesium, think "relaxation..."

Because magnesium helps relax the cells.43 And relaxed cells mean the arteries are relaxed too.

Magnesium relaxes the linings of the blood vessels, even the tiny vessels in the erection chambers of the penis.44

That's how it helps improve blood flow, and eventually blood pressure too.

And many men also notice a boost "down there," if you know what I mean...

But most men tend to be very low in magnesium...

And getting too little can even increase the chances of getting type 2 diabetes:


Magnesium is very difficult to get enough of. Even eating bread can keep magnesium from being absorbed -- making most men deficient in magnesium:


And more than 300 biochemical processes in the body rely on magnesium.47

It's vital to get adequate magnesium, and you can't just supplement and expect to get enough.

I've got a great way I get enough magnesium that I'll share in a moment.

Sure you can try nuts and seeds that contain magnesium, but nuts and seeds are good for birds, not men.

Then there's whole grains, legumes, tofu (yuck)...

And dark chocolate. But it has to be REALLY dark. Almost no sweetness to it at all.

What about fatty types of fish? Will they give us enough magnesium?

(But these are harmful for other reasons. No fatty fish for me.)

So many options... that's why I'm making it simpler... bear with me another minute...

Flow Food #3: Foods rich in niacinamide

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3, but with a different chemical structure, and it has a unique role in the body.

Niacinamide increases the energetics of every cell.48 The process of creating energy that gives us life -- this process requires niacinamide.

So in many ways, niacinamide rolls back the clock on aging cells. And it restores a youthful metabolism.49

But what does niacinamide have to do with blood flow and blood pressure?

Plenty. Good levels of niacinamide can improve circulation all over the body and increase blood flow:


So just by eating certain foods loaded up with niacinamide, you can improve blood flow all over the body and naturally lower blood pressure.

Foods like liver, tuna, and sardines...

Peas, nectarines, raisins...

And soy -- but soy is really bad for men.

You could try tempeh, but that's not that great either.

And who has the time (or the budget) to go shopping for all of these?

That's why I'm simplifying it -- I use a very simple way to get plenty of niacinamide that I'll show you...

Flow Food #4: Foods rich in calcium

Calcium is super important, but most men are critically low.

And when men are very low on calcium, bad things happen...

Ever heard of the parathyroid gland? It secretes parathyroid hormone which men do NOT want in large amounts.51

Parathyroid hormone pulls calcium out of the bones and deposits it in the blood vessels:


Then it turns into scar tissue inside the arteries, and THIS is what causes bad blood flow.

And this makes the heart work harder, forcing blood pressure to rise.

So to avoid all this, men need plenty of calcium.

And there are many foods that have calcium in it, but the problem is that they also have lots of phosphorus.

And phosphorus is like calcium's kryptonite.

It lurks in all foods we eat a lot of...meat is high in phosphorus...

Fish is high in phosphorus. Bread is high in phosphorus.

Everything we love is high in phosphorus.

And that gets parathyroid hormone fired up. Not good.

Parathyroid hormone is like aldosterone we talked about a few minutes ago -- it calcifies the blood vessels, it calcifies the heart valve, it calcifies the brain...53

It even calcifies the penis.

Men always wonder at this... If you have hardening of the arteries, that's from calcium...

So men think they are eating too MUCH calcium. But they are eating too LITTLE calcium.

More calcium, a lot more calcium, tells your body to stop pulling calcium from the bones, and to take it OUT of the blood vessels and put it BACK in the bones where the calcium belongs.54

None of that happens until you boost your calcium levels. A lot.

Low calcium is one of the most COMMON sources of high blood pressure.55

And it isn't easy to fix unless you eat precisely the right foods in the right ratios.

But don't worry, I have a solution -- and it turns this complicated calcium mess into something neat and simple...

And that brings me to food number 5...

Flow Food #5: Foods rich in vitamin K2

So you know what else you absolutely need, must have, if you have high blood pressure and you aren't already getting enough calcium?

You need Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 helps put calcium BACK into the bones.56

It acts like a calcium reset button.

Vitamin K2 makes the calcium leave the blood vessels and the tissues, and go back into the bones where it belongs.57

And it clears the blood vessels of any blockages.

So with enough vitamin K2, you will have wide-open, flexible arteries and great blood flow...

And better blood flow will take pressure off the heart, causing blood pressure to fall to normal levels on its own.

Plus, as an added bonus, having the right amount of vitamin K2 in the body reduces the chance of heart disease by more than 50%:


That's why vitamin K2 is so essential -- and again, men should get it from food, not supplements.

But here's the problem with that... most foods high in K2 are absolutely disgusting.

Goose liver, fermented soy, raw egg yolks, swiss chard, prunes... Yuck!

But luckily, I found a way around this problem... an even easier way to get all of these crucial nutrients...

What I'm doing now is drinking this delicious, simple shake...

Every single one of these nutrients and minerals are in this shake... the perfect right amounts every man needs to keep the arteries wide-open, flexible, and clear from plaque.

It takes less than 45 seconds to make every morning and it tastes GOOD.

I drink it everyday...

And with just a few sips, I am naturally improving my blood flow and lowering my pressure -- SO much better for me than taking a drug loaded with unwanted side effects...

Once I started drinking this shake everyday, my blood pressure began falling little by little...

First by 5 points... then another 5 points...

Then 10 points, and then eventually it falls by 40 points...

Until I have perfect pressure -- 120/80 -- and my doctor says:

"Whatever you're doing, keep it up! You don't even need the pills anymore."

But one of the best parts about lowering blood pressure this way is how good it turned out to be for my physical relationship with my wife...

With better blood flow comes better intimacy with my wife...!59

Thanks to this simple shake, I was able to throw my blood pressure medications in the trash...

...with my doctor's blessing of course.

And now that I'm getting excellent blood flow all over my body, I am experiencing all kinds of benefits, not just perfect pressure.

I have more energy, I think more clearly, my testosterone is back up past 1000...

My blood sugar is normal now, and best of all, my performance in bed has improved!

And I feel confident that I'm going to live another 30-40 years, until I'm 90 or 100 years old.

Here's a picture of me today:

And as soon as I got my health back, all my friends and family members started noticing...

"What's your secret?" they asked me. "What are you doing differently?"

So I shared this blood pressure shake with them...

And I was blown away by their incredible results.

That's when I knew I had to share this with the rest of the world... and all of my 40,000 students!

So I put everything you need to know into what I call my Blood Pressure Protocol.

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Here's what men are saying after trying my Blood Pressure Protocol...

Tom says his doctor has cut down his blood pressure meds and that he's even getting morning wood again:

"Blood pressure is down on 1/2 pill Of both valsartan and diltiazem with my docs approval.

Starting to get medium morning wood again. This works!

This is the easiest way to solve my health problems that I have ever tried and I have tried many.

Thanks again, Matt!"

Gregory, a heart patient, says he went from 23 prescription drugs to ZERO, thanks to this:


I am a heart patient and currently take ZERO prescriptions as I used to take 23 prescription drugs a day.

Now for 2 years I am on a vitamin regimen that eliminates calcification in my arteries and soft tissue.

Thanks for your input on this area Of life that I am now beginning research into.

Sincerely: Gregory

And one of my students, Harold, started out a skeptic... but now he's a true believer in my Blood Pressure Protocol:


I was somewhat skeptical about your blood pressure program.

I am here to tell you that I have been off the blood pressure meds for one week now and feel great.

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Thanks for everything,


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And Jerry, well he's already off his blood pressure medications and performing better.

He says thanks to this, his wife and him have a fantastic love life again:

Dear Matt,

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When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

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