Here's the Shower Trick That Gives Men Stronger, Longer-Lasting Erections

From this moment on, forget everything you think you know about ED and performance problems...

Forget everything you've been told about how older men can't have as good a sex life as younger men...

Because right now, you are entering a new world...

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In this new sexy world, there is no more struggling to get an erection... more going soft in the middle of intercourse... more feeling numb in your penis... more helplessly shooting your load too fast while she frowns in disappointment...

In this world, there are only big, engorged, intensely pleasurable erections.

Erections that last and last...with pleasure that is like having an orgasm not just in your penis but in your whole body...

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And from this moment on, you are choosing to remain in this world of 30 minute whole body orgasmic pleasure forever...

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All thanks to the simple little shower trick you're discovering right now...

My name is Matt Cook, and a quick check, yes?

Let's make sure you are in the right close your eyes...

Picture in your mind's eye waking up today day with a sturdy morning erection, the kind you used to get all the time as a young man...

Your wife or girlfriend rolls over, spots the huge tent in the sheets, and immediately mounts slip into her easily because she's so lubricated inside...

This is not something that lasts for 3, 4 or 5 minutes. You are experiencing whole body pleasure like never before...

...while she bucks wildly on top of you...

...this is now the intense, mind-blowing pleasure that is rocking your whole body...

And when you finally are ready to move on with your day, it's been 30 minutes or an hour.

And you haven't even noticed, you've just been having out-of-body pleasure experiences...

...the way sex should be, the way you always imagined it would be growing up...

And this is now happening to you every morning, now and for the rest of your life....

And it's all thanks to this little trick men are doing in the shower...

Again my name is Matt Cook, and for many years, men have been emailing me seeking my advice and help for a range of problems...

...including full-on ED, coming too quickly, going soft in the middle of intercourse, and much more.

It may seem like a strange job to have, but it's been very gratifying.

Doctors, lawyers, ministers, priests, rabbis, congressmen, NFL football players, famous actors and musicians, and tens of thousands of people like you and me.

And it's all because I stumbled on a solution to sex problems nobody even dreamed about before.


I have to tell you the truth... I didn't invent a thing.

I didn't invent this type of sex...but seeking it out, I've traveled to 5 continents including the jungles of Cambodia, the Amazon, and also places like Italy, Japan, and Europe... meet with little-known experts who are actually at the h4 mb-4ing edge of sex research.

And I've been a health researcher seeking natural cures for men's health and sex issues for more than 20 years.

I never just do things the way everyone else does.

For example, I have very flat feet but I wanted to run in races.

So I discovered how to run barefoot, and even a flat-footed guy like me can run to his heart's content without any knee pain or foot pain whatsoever.

Here's me running a 10K race barefoot:

And when I had terrible erection problems, it became a full time quest to figure out the answers.

Not only did I discover this simple shower trick, but word spread and I began getting emails from all over the world.

So far, I've helped more than 41,262 men naturally reverse ED and start having the best sex of their lives with this shower trick.

And the number just keeps growing.

Here's what these men are saying about using this shower trick...

Jonathan from Florida emailed me to say his ED is completely gone:

Since I have started the program I have never failed to get an erection when It came time for sex. I hate to think that at 43 I could’ve ended up taking ED drugs for the rest of my life.

J.E. wrote to say he can't believe how fast this worked for him:

I need to tell you that I’m surprised and amazed at the quick turnaround with mr willy very hard and last a long time wow, Just amazed at the turnaround thank you very much.”

Brad says he now has the confidence to pick up a younger woman for a one-night stand:

"I met a girl when I was out this weekend and ended up back at her place. So far so good, I’m thinking.

We started footing around and I got my first erection in 20 years, seriously.”

Keith's getting great morning wood all the time now, and easily lasting 30 minutes or more:

I have used your system for about 3 weeks, and am already seeing great results. Now I am getting pretty regular erections in the AM. Using your method, I can get a very strong erection that can last 30 minutes...

- Keith

And Matt -- well he's 56 and performing like he did 20 years ago:

I have no problem getting hard now and can have sex any time my partner wants to. I’m 55 about to turn 56.

I was married for 8 years to a woman who hated sex. She had no sex drive and her a lot of atrophy in her vagina that caused very painful intercourse.

I am divorced now for almost 2 years and after going so long just masterbating, I had lost the ability to get an erection with a woman.

This was very embarrassing and did not realize it until I tried to have sex after my divorce. I used to take a pill, which was very expensive and worked a little bit.

I haven’t had to take a pill for almost 3 months now. I can perform again like I could 20 years ago.

- Matt H.

These are all 100% true accounts from men who were once at rock bottom...

Men who couldn't last longer than 5 minutes, men who needed it harder and harder, or rougher and rougher just to feel anything at all down there...

Men who couldn't get an erection at all...

Men just like me...

I suffered from terrible ED issues for many years before I discovered this simple shower trick...

So I know just how difficult it is to go through, and how devastating it is as a man.

It seemed like no matter how badly I wanted to make love to my wife, my dick would always stay soft and flaccid.

And when Icould finally get it up, I'd only last a few minutes, if that.

Or I'd go limp in the middle of things which was even worse...

My wife, Jodi, tried to be understanding. But eventually, she just sort of gave up.

And I don't blame her. I just about gave up on myself.

None of the doctors I saw could tell me what was causing my ED or how to fix it.

In fact, one of the doctors told me that he had ED too.

And all he wanted to do was put me on pills.

But the pills don't cure ED. They are only temporary fixes, if they even work at all.

And they also come with very dangerous side effects...

In one study, rats were given a simple dose of Cialis every day for 6 months:

And at the end of the 6 months, scientists noted that the rats had significant testicular damage.

Their sperm counts were lower, and diseased vacuoles were growing on their testes.

And if this is what happens to rats taking ED pills, imagine what they're doing to humans...

Which h4 mb-4s me to another study, conducted in 2014, where men who took Viagra were 84% more likely to develop deadly melanoma:

Or this study, showing that ED pills just stop working for many men, if they even work at all:

But you won't hear about any of these studies from your doctor...

Doctors only know how to prescribe pills. I can't tell you how many physicians have consulted with me about their own ED!

Many of them will tell me, "Matt. I'm not about to take those pills..."

Even if they work for a while, ED pills are like putting a bandaid over your performance problems.

They don't heal the root cause of your ED.

They don't treat all the different types of ED either, like Peyronie's disease and penile fibrosis.

And they don't increase your penis sensitivity -- if anything they decrease it.

ED pills such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are a temporary patch job to a permanent problem.

And while I'm discussing the ED pills, I should mention...

Supplements, surgeries, and medical devices don't fix ED either.

In fact, many so-called "natural" supplements for erectile dysfunction can be more dangerous than the pills.

And cutting yourself open to get an erection... who wants to do that?

There are so many risks that come with surgeries like these.

Even if you have a balloon implanted in your penis, you won't feel sexual sensation and pleasure that way. It will ruin the experience for you.

And the pumps and vacuum devices they make for ED can injure you and permanently disfigure your penis if you're not careful.

And here's the thing... I found several studies that show if men don't use it, they lose it, as far as sex goes.

It's true, take a look:

The study tracked nearly 1,000 men in their 50's, 60's, and 70's for five years.

And the researchers found that the men who reported having sex less than once a week, were twice as likely to develop ED.

So men who don't have sex often or at all are at risk of losing their ability to get an erection forever.

And the older you are, the truer this is.

So of course, when I found all of this out, I started to panic...

I started losing all confidence in myself as a man, and things just got worse and worse.

I fell into a bad cycle of watching too much porn and masturbating too much...

It was so much safer than trying to be with my wife and failing, AGAIN.

This way I could work at my orgasm in peace, without the pressure of performing.

But I would have to stroke harder and harder just to feel anything.

And eventually, I felt nothing at all.

It's like I was numb down there...

I felt very little, and wasn't getting hard. In fact, my dick just got softer and softer.

I thought, is this really it?

Am I really going to be a sexless old grandpa by the time I'm 50 years old?

But the one thing that kept me going was my research...

Despite everything, I never lost hope that there may be a natural cure somewhere out there...

...most likely buried by Big Pharma who would rather have men like me stay on their expensive pills and treatments than use a natural method...

It took me years to find the answers... the answers to questions like:

Why do I have erectile dysfunction?

Why do I have trouble getting hard and staying hard?

And why is sex less and less pleasurable?

I was reading every article, every book, every medical journal I could get my hands on.

I was hanging out with people from all over the world, people who are so-called "sex experts."

I was willing to travel to the ends of the Earth to discover a natural way to beat ED.

But as it turned out, I didn't even need to leave my bedroom...

One day after months and months of research, I stumble onto a secret group of men and women, hiding out online, exchanging incredible sexual discoveries with each other...

They are very cautious at first...

But soon they welcome me into the fold, and I immediately start learning everything I can from them.

Right away, I discover that many men end up losing 80% feeling and sensation in their penis by the time they're 40 years old.

It's something I like to call "desensitization."

Desensitization means your brain has stopped responding to erotic stimuli.

And it's very real. In fact, desensitization may be the true cause of all ED issues:

In one study, scientists hooked men's penises up to special instruments to see the desensitization on a machine.

And it was clear that the brain wasn't getting signals from the penis.

So men weren't getting hard no matter how much they wanted to.

The brain-penile connection was broken.

You see, in our daily life, there are sexual triggers all around us that mess with this fragile brain-penile connection.

On TV, on the internet, in advertisements, on billboards.

And each time a man sees a sexual trigger, his brain secretes a cocktail of what I call horny hormones.

But after 1,000 times or 10,000 times, when it's just fake and phony, the brain stops responding.

Now even real sex isn't enough to get the penis and the brain to respond.

So instead of our dicks getting hard, nothing happens.

And that's because our brain has stopped responding to sexual triggers. It's like your brain gets numb to it all.

And desensitization is to blame.

Desensitization is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Desensitization is why men have trouble getting hard and staying hard.

And desensitization is the reason why men feel less and less in their penis, until it's almost numb.

And no doctor or pill can fix desensitization.

In fact, most doctors don't even know about it.

This simple shower trick can fix desensitization -- because it naturally rewires the brain-penile connection.

Think of your brain as a radio picking up signals from your penis, which is like the radio's broadcast tower.

With desensitization, your brain isn't picking up the pleasure signals from your penis.

It's as if the brain and penis aren't in tune with each other anymore.

But when you start practicing this little trick in the shower, your brain starts picking up the signals from your penis again.

And the connection becomes stronger than ever, so you never lose signal again.

It sounds crazy, but the more you do this shower trick, the better things get.

You start feeling more sensation and pleasure, more and more and more.

And your erections are harder and more engorged, better than they've ever been.

And you are lasting longer and longer, until 30 minutes is nothing to you.

The entire time, the pleasure just builds and builds, until you feel it all over your body -- not just in your penis.

It's like a continuous whole-body orgasm feeling the whole time.

This shower trick restores feeling and sensitivity back into your member and reverses desensitization for good.

I could go into the scientific explanation and tell you all about oxytocin and neurons, and share all of the studies I've read...

But you're not interested in all that. You just want a solution, and the easier it is, the better.

Well the secret online group I discovered had come up with a complicated system for fixing desensitization.

It involves withholding climax, a ban on masturbating, and several other rules no sane man wants to follow...

So I mastered their system and simplified it.

Now all men have to do is practice this trick in the shower, whether that be once a day, twice a day, or even once every other day...

...and they will naturally reverse their ED and start getting the best erections of their life.

This shower trick works better than any Big Pharma pill or product, and there are absolutely no side effects.

This is just a natural, safe "exercise" any man can do on his own, whether he has a partner yet or not.

A new way of self-pleasuring, a way that actually builds stamina and sexual energy.

The shower trick feels good and comes with enormous benefits.

Right away, you start experiencing harder erections that last longer...even 30 minutes or longer...

...and you immediately start feeling more pleasure than you ever thought possible.

Your confidence soars, and you are performing at your best every single time...

Thanks to this shower trick, my wife and I are now enjoying the most incredible sex life...

Even after being married for 32 years, the passion and desire for each other is stronger than ever.

We are having sex at least 4 times a week, every week...

...for 30 minutes or an hour, sometimes even twice in one day...

I never fail to get an erection now -- it's outstanding. And it's done a world of good for my confidence.

It's like the slightest whisper of the wind can get me hard now... and I can stay that way as long as I want.

And all the credit goes to this little trick I'm doing in the shower...

Of course I couldn't keep something this incredible to myself...

I told my student Paul about the shower trick and here's what he reported back...

"Matt, my wife has been completely uninterested in sex. We haven't done it in over a year.

But this is kind of astonishing...

We've had sex 3 times in the last 2 days. And I've gotten really hard like a battering ram every time.

My wife doesn't know what to make of it. She can't believe it herself.

She thought that she was done with sex, but now she can't get enough of me!

It's like we're newlyweds again."

Paul was insanely successful with the shower trick, and that's when I knew I had to share this discovery with as many men as possible.

And now thousands of guys are using this shower trick to build stamina, strengthen their erections, and feel more pleasure...

Bruce from Minnesota says his wife is seducing HIM now thanks to the shower trick:

"The member is working better than it ever has before.

My wife Is up for Intercourse ANYTIME and has taken to seducing me if we go more than a day without having intercourse.

This is very confusing but what the heck, it’s very wonderful too’”

And Eric says he's gone from a 5 minute man to a 45 minute man:

Hi Matt, First off I just want to say thank you so much for all your amazing content. I have made so much progress I cant believe it. Before starting your course I was literally a 1 - 5 mm man. Just the other day I was able to last 45 mm no problem, and I could have kept going by the woman I was with was finished. (That never happened before!)

While another man says he's performing like a teenager again:

At any rate, Matt, when I started with you program I just wanted to regain an erection that would be consistent (mission accomplished about 2 months ago). Now I’m performing like when I was sixteen again!

And in just a moment, I'm going to show you what to do to become the next success story.

Right now, you can discover exactly how to use the shower trick for FREE -- when you try out my complete ED system...

I call this system Sex God Transformation, and it will in fact transform you into a Sex God when you use the simple little shower trick.

Now because you chose to read carefully, you're probably starting to sense that this is totally different than anything you've ever seen before...
And maybe you're starting to imagine how you'll use this in your own life.

Maybe you're wondering: How can I get access to Sex God Transformation and the shower trick?

How much is it going to cost?

Is it guaranteed to work for me?

I'll answer these questions in just a moment, but before I do, I have a question for you...

What would you pay to have the best sex of your life every single time you do it?

What's it worth to never suffer from ED or performance problems again?

What's it worth to have the stamina to last for hours, and to feel whole body orgasmic feelings for an hour or more, any time you have sex?

What's it worth to be admired and respected by other much younger guys, and to walk into a room full of guys...

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What's it worth to reignite these fires, and have sex once or twice a day, every day for the rest of your life and find her more attractive now than you used to when you first met?

I know men who have spent thousands of dollars to travel to meet me, to get the secrets that I reveal in Sex God Transformation.

But because you're here now, you're able to get immediate access to the shower trick...

...and the entire Sex God Transformation system...

...and you won't have to pay thousands of dollars to do it...

You won't even pay the $500 it costs to have to go to a clinic and get some pills or penis injections...

You won't need any of that.

You won't pay the $200 it costs to go to work out at a nice gym, spending hours on a treadmill, hoping that better cardio will help your erections.

More cardio will make you more tired, but it won't make better erections, by the way.

You won't even pay the $100 it costs to buy dinner for a woman who might not fuck you anyway or when you do get in bed with her, your cock goes limp, and you make excuses and apologies.

When you claim your spot in our elite little brotherhood, you'll get instant access to the entire Sex God Transformation system, a $597 program, for just the low price you see below.

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Over the next month that's going to break down to less than $3.13 a day.

This is about the same cost as a cup of decent coffee.

And because you're part of the elite little brotherhood, I'm also going to include some special bonus programs that you won't find anywhere else...

These are not some throwaway crap garbage bonuses.

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Still here? Then you must have questions!

I have put together the most common questions right here, so I can answer them for you right away.

Question #1: "I totally love Sex God Transformation. I've been using the shower trick and I'm getting amazing erections when I wake up. I'm only about 1/4 way through the videos. What else should I be doing?"

Okay the answer is this...

Every man is different.

What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

For instance, you can watch in bite-size pieces or just listen to the audio on your phone if you want.

You can read everything back to front and sideways.

Do what works for you and make the process your own.

You've got great results already, but can you IMAGINE what a sex magnet you will become as you continue?

Pleasure will grow and grow and grow.

You won't believe how much you will feel in six months compared to today.

Just work it at your own pace. And please reach out if you want any advice.

Question #2: "A buddy sent me a link to this page and said it's been awesome for him. I don't want to ask him for any details because it feels kind of weird. So tell me this, how fast can I get access to the shower trick?"

Today, everything is instant this and instant that. Well, we're no different here at the publishing company.

In the old days, we'd put tapes together and package them and mail them. But now we do it a different way.

We don't ship anything.

You watch the videos on your iPhone or you Android, or your tablet or PC.

And you can download the bonuses and audios right after you click on the button and put in your information.

And you get to watch the videos forever, anytime.

When you want a refresher, or when you want to move to the next level, they're always there just a click away.

Nothing to lose, nothing to get jammed up in the stupid DVD machine.

That's all there is to it -- it's so much better than the old days when you had to wait, then you got some dorky big old videos you had to put into the machine, and rewind when you're done and all that.

Remember those days?

Now you can watch anywhere, anytime and you'll get these in just a minute or two from now when you click the button below and enter your information.

Question #3: "I like the content... it's very unique, I've never seen anything like it. I've had prostate surgery that went bad and things weren't working at all down there. Now I'm getting some morning wood and some semis... How long will it take to get actual results?"

A lot of our guys who go through Sex God Transformation have medications they're taking for something or other.

As you go through the videos, you can skip ahead to the part where I show you how to get your dick working even if you have no prostate...

...even if you are taking medications for diabetes or even if you have high blood pressure and the drugs are killing your sex drive.

Lots of guys just do the shower trick and follow the system, and their blood pressure drops like a stone.

They start getting hard-ons all the time. And they get thinner and bulk up muscle without setting a foot in the gym.

You are already seeing great results, just stick with it!

I suggest you think about going over module 16 and 17 in particular -- they will give you instant help for health problems, so they don't get in the way of you having an amazing sex life.

Question #4: "I'm 53, divorced, and it's been awhile for me since I had sex, but I'm already half way through the system. I've had zero difficulty getting hard and staying hard, and I even had sex three times over two days with this Latina girl from work, using the shower trick. But my secret desire is to get a woman in her 20s... Do you think it will work, or is it too late for me?"

Hey, you're experiencing a new Springtime in your life that will last the rest of your life.

Twenty-something year old women are sex starved today because the young guys they are with are so bad in bed from jerking off to so much porn.

All you have to do is apply the information in Sex God Transformation, especially module #8.

That will get you going with twenty something's -- in fact, they'll be all over you, begging for your dick.

Question #5: "I'm all in. I'm burning to get this, though before I order, I need to know for sure that my personal information is safe with you. How do I know I can trust you? And what will show up on my bill?"

We hope that like over 40,000 other men, you will love Sex God Transformation so much that you'll be back and try out my other products as well.

For that reason, we totally don't want a dime of your money if you aren't experiencing success.

So my publisher has this full money-back guarantee and it's always 100% our word of honor with you and never violated, ever.

Not even once.

So yeah, you can trust our money back guarantee totally and completely.

My publisher has this amazing support team always there to help you.

You can email us at [email protected] and you'll get fast help with any issues you may have, including a refund.

You can call 24 hours a day. And we even help men on weekends and holidays, 7 days a week.

That's how committed we are to your success.

The phones are manned with a U.S. based team whose only job is to make sure you are completely satisfied.

And here's the thing... My publisher is taking all the risk here.

You could, if you were a not nice person, just order and download and watch everything and then get your money back.

And we will give you every dime back for any reason or no reason.

But I hope you're not that kind of person and I don't think you are.

But we're taking all the risk, and that makes this a no brainer, don't you think?

Question #6: "First of all, I totally love this. I've slept with four different women in the last couple of months and I hadn't even gotten it up for 9 months before. These girls are much hotter than I'm used to. I've got a buddy who I think should try it out, though he complains that he's a slow learner, and has a bad memory -- what should I tell him to get him on board?"

Tell your buddy that everything in Sex God Transformation will get him going, and all he has to do is watch ONE of the videos to see a major transformation.

Even if he doesn't get through all of the videos, he'll pick up golden nuggets of information that he can put into action immediately.

Like the shower trick!

He can work through the course at his own pace and he'll get instant access just like you did to ALL the material in Sex God Transformation.

And he will see how just a few small changes can make a world of difference.

Question #7: "I have a buddy who has literally a two inch dick. He is always complaining that he lacks confidence in bed. He's seen my success with the shower trick and he wants to get on board, but he is wondering if this will work for him?"

The shower trick will get his dick working again like it never has before.

And as his dick wakes up again, he'll get that testosterone surge that makes him mega attractive to girls.

I've seen some guys with micro dicks who have been spectacularly successful with this system.

Women want to go to bed with these guys because they're curious.

Your buddy should also pay special attention to module 7 in Sex God Transformation.

It shows how to have sex even with a really small dick and give a woman many orgasms. It's amazing.

Question #8: "I bought this program a few days ago, and now my friend wants it as he's already noticing girls looking at me when we're out drinking. He wants to know if his credit card and personal information is safe?"

When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

It is the same type of system that Amazon uses.

And it isn't me that's filling your order.

It's Calworth Glenford, my publisher, and Calworth Glenford uses 256 bit encryption, the same as

Your card is much safer than it is if you plunk it down at a restaurant or department store because no employee ever looks at the card number.

Calworth Glenford has been in business since 1996, and they're family owned and they're not some fly by night.

They've had tens of thousands of customers and never, not once, has anything ever been messed up with their security.

They have their full reputation on the line, and they're not here to take advantage of people or rip them off or end up in the newspapers.

And everything is spelled out in plain language.

There are no fine print charges or anything greyed out to trick you.

I hate that and I would never allow that.

I hope your question was answered.

Honestly, at this point, you can choose to sit on the sidelines...

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