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This 2-Step Size System Increases Oxygen-Rich Penis Blood Flow - for Bigger, More Engorged and Longer-Lasting Erections

"Do I look smaller to you?"

I'm standing in front of my wife, Jodi, in the bathroom with my pants around my ankles.

She looks from the mirror to my crotch, and then back to the mirror again.

Finally, she says, "No."

"Don't lie," I tell her. "I really think I've shrunk some."

Jodi sighs and looks again.

"Maybe a little smaller."

This was the moment I knew I had a real problem "down there."

Hey, Matt Cook here, and not only were my erections struggling, my penis itself looked shrunken up somehow.

I was soft all the time, even when I really, really wanted to make love to my wife.

And the longer this problem went on, the smaller I looked!

What was happening to me?

The doctor couldn't tell me... he had no idea...

He offered me a prescription for Viagra, like that would solve anything...

But of course it didn't. (More on that later...)

So I started researching this size issue on my own... trying to figure out why my penis was getting softer and smaller...

And luckily for me, I'm a health researcher.

So I'm better than most at digging up obscure medical studies and scientific reports.

Even the ones that Big Pharma buries, hoping you don't see... I find those too.

And one of the first studies I find is about blood flow.

In this 1992 study, researchers used ultrasound technology on a group of 44 men to examine blood flow to the penis...

And they found that the more blood flow into the penis, the better it is for erections.

In fact, the penis chambers must be filled up with blood for an erection to happen at all.

See these 3 chambers of the penis in the diagram below?

The two largest chambers that you see are fed by hair-thin arteries, believe it or not.

And oxygen-rich blood needs to be flowing through these hair-thin arteries for an erection to happen.

More blood flowing through these tiny arteries means more regular, full erections.

And more blood flow means more size.

Boost blood flow, boost size.

The more oxygen-rich blood is rushing into your penile chambers, the bigger and more engorged your penis will be.

You can gain girth, thickness, and look all-around bigger just by increasing blood flow.

Boost blood flow, boost size.

But here's something worrying I discovered...

If you don't use it, you lose it... as far as erections go...

It's true -- take a look:

This study tracked nearly 1,000 men in their 50's, 60's, and 70's for five years.

And the researchers found that the men who reported having sex less than once a week, were twice as likely to develop erection problems...

So men who don't have sex often or at all are at risk of losing their ability to get an erection forever.

How can this be?

It all goes back to blood flow...

If you are suffering from ED, it's usually a blood flow issue.

And bad blood flow is caused by one thing -- narrow, constricted arteries.

As men age, the arteries can become narrow and lose their flexibility...

Even the hair-thin arteries in the penis!

And then hardly any blood is flowing through these narrow, constricted arteries...

This can be a big problem, especially the longer it goes on...

The longer you have bad blood flow to the penis, the harder the body has to work to try and get blood down there.

Eventually, the body stops working so hard to get blood flowing into your penis...

It just gives up on sending blood down there at all.

Instead, the body focuses on getting blood to the other, more important organs.

It's a biological instinct. But it is very, very bad for the penis...

Studies show that when the penis isn't getting good blood flow for an extended time, tissue hypoxia occurs...

And tissue hypoxia refers to "oxygen starvation" in the body.

Basically, it means your penis is starving for oxygen.

Because with blood flow comes oxygen -- oxygen to the penis. And if there is no blood flow going down there at all...

...the penis is not getting enough oxygen to perform as it should...

And when the penis is starved of oxygen for a long time, the tissue starts dying...

The cells and tissue in the penis aren't getting oxygenated, so they start to shrivel up and die...

So THIS is why my penis was looking smaller, softer, and even a little shrunken up!

Tissue hypoxia is to blame.

Not enough oxygen-rich blood flow.

And I knew it was true because I hadn't gotten morning wood in a very long time...

Morning wood is a sign that penis blood flow is good, that the penis is getting enough oxygen even while you're asleep.

So if morning wood stops, you know you have a blood flow problem.

Another way to tell if you have a blood flow problem?

This may shock you. But it's true and I'll prove it.

The biggest symptom of poor blood flow in the penis is...

High blood pressure.

What does high blood pressure have to do with blood flow and penis size?

Well as it turns out, high blood pressure has EVERYTHING to do with blood flow and even penis size...

High blood pressure is actually a natural response to bad penile blood flow.

Because when the arteries in the penis lose their flexibility and become too narrow for blood to flow through, the heart has to work much harder...

The heart pumps the blood of course -- and the heart has to work harder to force more blood through those narrow, constricted arteries and down to your penis.

This is why blood pressure goes up.

The body raises pressure to try and force more blood through your arteries, so organs (like your penis) get enough blood.

So when blood pressure is high, it's a sign that the penis isn't getting enough blood flow...

And once again, we're back to worse and worse penile blood flow...

...worse and worse erections...

...and eventually tissue hypoxia, oxygen starvation to the penis...

And if tissue hypoxia isn't reversed in time, the effects can be permanent...

A smaller, shrunken up penis with dead tissue...

So I knew I needed to act... and fast...

I had to find a way to fix blood flow to my penis...

What about blood pressure drugs...?

Don't blood pressure drugs fix penis blood flow?

It may seem like blood pressure medications are the answer... that a drug that lowers blood pressure should also improve blood flow...

...and by improving blood flow, restore oxygen to the penis and organs, and restore size and erections...

But during my research I came upon this study....

And this study proves that many men on blood pressure medications still suffer from ED...

In fact, sometimes blood pressure drugs make ED worse!

And this is because...

Blood pressure drugs can make blood flow and tissue hypoxia worse.

Blood pressure drugs work by loosening the arteries just a little, so there is less pressure on the heart...

So the pills help expand constricted blood vessels slightly...

...but the pills do not fully open up the arteries or restore their flexibility.

And it gets worse...

But promise me that you will NOT stop taking blood pressure pills without talking this over with your doctor first, okay?

Blood pressure medications can make penis health and overall health WORSE.

How? Because these drugs lower blood pressure...

And less pressure means less blood flow -- and eventually tissue hypoxia.

Think of it this way...

Blood pressure pills expand the blood vessels a bit... but now, you still have clogged, stiff vessels...

And now you no longer have the heart forcing blood into every narrow, stiff blood vessel.

In the long run, that can starve tissues of oxygen and kill the cells.

That's why it's best not to just blindly take blood pressure pills expecting everything to get better. Because over time, things get worse precisely because of the pills.

...but what about ED pills?

Do ED drugs improve blood flow to the penis?

The next logical conclusion most people have is that ED drugs fix penis blood flow.

And this is because of one key ingredient we've all been literally brainwashed to think is a good thing-- I'm talking about nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is increased in the body -- from all the best-selling ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

Most people think nitric oxide is a really good thing.

It's promoted by many men's health magazines and websites, and said to make blood vessels bigger...


Believe it or not, nitric oxide is actually very bad for you and doesn't improve blood flow or reverse tissue hypoxia.

Nitric oxide is a chemical produced by the body that should only be used as a last resort, for emergencies.

The more of it you have, the unhealthier it is.

Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to literally leak -- called vascular permeability.

Nitric oxide stops the delicate Leydig cells from producing testosterone:

And it even destroys the delicate cells in the testes:

Still think nitric oxide is a good idea? Think again...

Nitric oxide causes your arteries to leak...

And nitric oxide does not widen the arteries enough to restore flexibility, so blood flow still suffers even in the presence of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a deadly poison...and the body uses as little of it as possible.

ED pills work by increasing nitric oxide. So that can't be good.

And in this pioneering study, ED pills were shown to destroy the delicate testes in male rats:

ED pills seem to hurt the delicate tissues in the male genitals...and they don't improve penis blood flow, or do anything to reverse tissue hypoxia.

Plus, besides causing damage to testes, some studies show they increase cancer rates by speeding up tumor growth:

These researchers are quite accurately describing how the PDE5 inhibitors, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra put the brakes on PDE5 -- and how this causes tumors to grow much faster.

It seems that this cancer-causing mechanism applies to all the ED drugs, not just Viagra.

And it is very well known that these ED drugs also may destroy sensitive cells in the eye:

This causes a condition called anterior ischemic neuropathy that can be permanent and result in vision loss...

And this afflicts ordinary men with no prior eye problems.

So all the more reason to avoid these dangerous ED drugs if you can, especially because they often don't work, or stop working.

We still have to get more oxygen to the penis, better blood flow, and fix the low oxygen situation called tissue hypoxia that can cause the penis to shrink...

So what does restore oxygen and blood flow to the penis?

Well it turns out this question was answered a long time ago, in 1958 to be exact.

A Russian medical doctor and scientist named Dr. Konstantin Buteyko was monitoring sick patients in medical school...

And he began shocking his superiors by being able to accurately predict which patients could be saved and which could not be saved.

He could predict with 100% accuracy whether a patient would live or die.

So how did he do it?

Dr. Buteyko discovered that virtually all deaths are from low oxygen -- or tissue hypoxia.

And he found that low levels of a certain important molecule causes tissue hypoxia.

When the amount of this molecule in the body gets chronically low, oxygen cannot deliver its punch to tissues.

Then the tissues, especially the penis, testicles, and prostate, begin suffering from chronically low oxygen -- which we know now is tissue hypoxia.

Well, Dr. Buteyko's life's work was finding out how to reverse tissue hypoxia by increasing levels of this key molecule in the male body.

So I studied everything he did, read every word he wrote, and experimented on my own...

I spent 3 months holed up in the house, turned the kitchen into my own laboratory...

My wife, Jodi, wasn't pleased, but she knew how important this was to me...

Because what I learned went far beyond penile blood flow...

I'll save the story for another time, but this teaching helped save my life, not just my manhood. It was a truly revolutionary change that everyone could see...

And by accident, without my intending on it, my penis problems got radically better within a few weeks.

And this is what led me to figuring out how to help thousands of other men in the same situation, using what I now call my 2 Step Size System...

My 2 Step Size System is a protocol that naturally relaxes the arteries and helps improve blood flow, for a bigger, more engorged looking penis...

Step 1: Restore daily morning wood and frequent, more full erections

This simple, natural molecule gets the penis chambers filling up with blood again, swelling up like a balloon full of water.

Erections will become more regular, and morning wood will return.

Step 2: Increase size over time, even while flaccid

When you reverse and prevent tissue hypoxia, your size potential increases.

Not only do you regain the size you once had, you can even add more thickness and girth over time.

Thanks to this 2 Step Size System, I restored great erections and even gained a little size!

My wife couldn't believe it... she noticed the difference right away.

I was able to get a full, solid erection just one week after using this system.

And I woke up with morning wood for the first time in over 2 years!

Finally I was able to make love to my wife like I'd wanted to for so long...

And she even commented on how much thicker and fatter I felt inside her!

"Matt, honey, I'm actually a little sore!"

Let me just tell you, I was grinning ear to ear!

And now any man can enjoy bigger, more engorged erections...

Even if it's been weeks, months, or years since your last.

As soon as I realized how well this 2 Step Size System works, I shared it with my buddies who were also having ED and shrinkage problems...

Keith says he's getting morning wood again and able to keep an erection for 30 minutes or more:

I have used your system for about 3 weeks, and am already seeing great results. I dropped the porn entirely. It is apparent to me that this has been a real problem for some time, even thought that my use of it seemed to be limited. Probably not. Now I am getting pretty regular erections in the AM. Using your method, I can get a very strong erection that can last 30 minutes...

James says he's getting harder erections and would recommend this to any guy who is fed up with the Big Pharma drugs:

Having erection issues. Been used your method to produce harder erections and to last longer in bed. Would highly recommend for any man having erectile issues who either doesn't want to take them or the drugs have not worked.

Aaron says this protocol saved his marriage -- and his dick!

My name is Aaron and i Just wanted to thank you for saving my marriage.

I got to point where my dick was limp for a week.

Holy shit wow and thank you!

And another man, K. Walters is reporting incredible results from his bigger-looking, more engorged penis...

1. My woman wants to suck my cock a lot more. She asks to suck it and tells me she wants it in her mouth. Nice. In fact, the last several times I have taken the wife to the city, about a 30 minute drive, on the way home she is pulling at my pants and wanting to suck my cock!

2. The other morning I slept in late woke around 9:00 with a huge hard on and she felt it and got excited and jumped on to ride it. In the morning! And she has always hated morning sex!

3. When making love, she tells me how good it feels and that she tingles all over and cums so fast!

4. The next day, my woman will talk about the night before and how much she loves my cock!

The question is now... what will you do?

Will you ignore the signs of bad penis blood flow and tissue hypoxia?

Will you continue to let your penis get softer and smaller, until you lose the ability to get an erection for good?

Will you watch your sex life end and your life gradually become more humdrum because you can't do any of the things you used to enjoy?

Or... will you use my simple 2 Step Size System to naturally improve penis blood flow AND boost size while restoring fully engorged and long-lasting erections?

Boost blood flow, boost size.

With my 2 Step Size System, your penis is completely filling up with oxygen-rich blood, flowing freely through flexible, wide-open arteries...

And over time, as you continue to get fuller, more engorged erections everyday, your penile chambers expand...

And you gain size... girth... thickness...

You fully fill up your wife or girlfriend and she is LOVING it...

And you are lasting longer than before, now that you have such good penis blood flow.

And still... the best part's free.

My 2 Step Size System is free to any man who wants to boost blood flow and boost size.

You get the entire system for no charge whatsoever.

Just for trying my Blood Pressure Protocol for $1.

Yes, that is right -- just $1 gets you everything to try out. That's how confident I am that this will be working great for you.

Because my Blood Pressure Protocol is a hugely successful protocol that thousands of men have been using to get normal pressure naturally without pills...

...and better erections too...

Men who are using my Blood Pressure Protocol are reporting unprecedented results...

Tom says his doctor has cut down his blood pressure meds and that he's even getting morning wood again:

Blood pressure is down on ½ pill of both valsartan and diltiazem with my docs approval.

Starting to get medium momning wood again. This works!

This is the easiest way to solve my health problems that I have ever tried and I have tried many.

Thanks again, Matt!”

Gregory, a heart patient, says he went from 23 prescription drugs to ZERO, thanks to this:


I am a heart patient and currently take ZERO prescriptions as I used to take 23 prescription drugs a day.

Now for 2 years I am on a vitamin regimen that eliminates calcification in my arteries and soft tissue.

Thanks for your input on this area of life that I am now beginning research into.

Sincerely: Gregory

And one of my students, Harold, started out a skeptic... but now he's a true believer in my Blood Pressure Protocol:


I was somewhat skeptical about your blood pressure program.

I am here to tell you that I have been off the blood pressure meds for one week now and feel great.

I'm dating a couple of gals and they both are enjoying the new me as much as I am enjoying my old self...

Everyday it seems that getting more like my old self.

Thanks ror everything,


Ps. You ever down Texas way, give me a holler and come by...

And Jerry, well he's already off his blood pressure medications and experiencing impressive erections again.

And he says now he has a big diamond cutter that his wife just loves to touch:

Dear Matt,

I have applied all of your techniques and my testosterone in 1240 and I am off of my diabetes medicine as well as my blood pressure medication.

I get so hard now I can’t even believe it and I can last forever.

All my wife has to do is simply roll over and touch my leg and I have a diamond cutter.

Me and my wife want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because of your help we have our fantastic love life again.

So thank you for all of your help, your courses are everything you say they are and more. I would recommend your courses to anyone who is experiencing problems in the bedroom.

Your courses are nothing short of miraculous.

Thank You for everything.

– Jerry

Truthfully, I have pages and pages of testimonies just like these, but I'm looking for more from men like you.

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Still here? Then you must have questions!

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Question #1

"I totally love your Blood Pressure Protocol. I've been using the 2 Step Size System the other tips, and I've got bigger-looking, more engorged erections, normal pressure, and regular morning wood again! Anything else I should be doing?"

Okay the answer is this...

Every man is different.

What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

For instance, you can watch in bite-size pieces or just listen to the audio on your phone if you want.

You can read everything back to front and sideways.

Do what works for you and make the process your own.

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Question #2

"A buddy sent me a link to this page and said it's been awesome for him. I don't want to ask him for any details because it feels kind of weird. So tell me this, how fast can I get access to Blood Pressure Protocol?"

Today, everything is instant this and instant that. Well, we're no different here at the publishing company.

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Question #3

"I just met someone I really like. I desperately want to improve my penis blood flow and regain my normal size and girth. How long will it take to get actual results?"

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Question #4

"I'm 53, divorced, and in good health. I am down to taking just one dose of the ACE inhibitor pill, for blood pressure. I have a girlfriend, but she's not that into sex. My secret desire is to have a slutty girlfriend who has a really high sex drive. Do I dare imagine that things will come back with my erections good enough to take that kind of girl on?"

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Question #5

"I'm all in. I'm burning to get this, though before I order, I need to know for sure that my personal information is safe with you. How do I know I can trust you? And what will show up on my bill?"

We hope that like over 400,000 other men, you will love my Blood Pressure Protocol so much that you'll be back and try out my other products as well.

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Question #6

"First of all, I totally love this. My blood pressure is normal, my erections are more engorged, I'm totally loving everything about the new me. I've got a buddy who I think should try it out, though he complains that he's a slow learner, and has a bad memory -- what should I tell him to get him on board?"

Tell your buddy that everything in Blood Pressure Protocol will get him going, especially my 2 Step Size System.

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Question #7:

"I bought the entire Blood Pressure Protocol course a few days ago and I've been using the 2 Step Size System... now my friend wants it as he's already noticing the swagger I'm now walking with. He wants to know if his credit card and personal information is safe?"

When you enter your card information, it is taken into a multi-million dollar server system that the big banks use.

It is the same type of system that Amazon uses.

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